Highly Insulting Memes and Tweets That “Black” People/ “Black Men” Post on Social Media About Black Women and The So-Called Black Community Doesn’t Say Or DO ABSOLUTELY A DAMN THANG ABOUT IT….BUT LAUGH AND REPOST THEM, OR JUST REMAIN SILENT!

EVERY GOTDAMN DAY, ALL DAY black women and girls report having to endure mockery, ridicule, intraracism (a.k.a. colorism), sexism, and misogynoir (anti-black misogyny) not only from whites, but from MANY in our own “community” not only offline, but online and the shit is baaad,  OUT OF CONTROL, and  it’s not getting any  better. This is the typical day in certain Negro spaces online in which Negros along with everybody else create racist, colorist, misogynoiristic memes and tweets about Black Women and Girls. Demonizing, demeaning, and de-humanizing Black Women and Girls is a past-time on social media and THE SO-CALLED BLACK COMMUNITY SAY OR DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT BUT LAUGH AND MOCK, SHARE AND RE-TWEET, OR JUST REMAIN SILENT .

In the last year or two I have come to realize that BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS ARE GREATLY DE-VALUED AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROTECTION FROM ANYONE, NOT WHITES, NON-BLACK POC, AND EVEN  OUR OWN “COMMUNITY.” The late great brother Malcolm X said, “THE BLACK WOMAN IS THE MOST UNPROTECTED PERSON IN AMERICA”. He knew exactly what he was talking about and he knew that the black collective was guilty of not protecting their women and girls. DAMMIT where is Al Charlatan, “Messy” Jesse Jackson, the NAACP including ALL other black MIS-leaders to organize the so-called black community in protests and rallies against this horrific behavior!?! Where is the National Council of Negro Women?!? Where are those “Black Greek” sororities that so vehemently protested to take “Sorority Sisters” off vh1? I’m not surprised at whites and others not saying or doing anything or protecting the black woman’s true character and image from erasure and demonization because we KNOW they don’t value us at all, but it’s ESPECIALLY very,very heartbreaking to a lot of sistas that many in the so-called black community either ridicule, mock, share, re-tweet, or just remain silent. In addition, when whites and others see “black” people doing this to their own women and girls this opens the door for them to join in too   “cause if the black community doesn’t mind mocking and ridiculing their own women and don’t say  or do nothing then it must be ok for us to do it too.”  This is exactly how they are thinking! AND BEFORE SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT I’M SINGLING OUT SOME GUILTY PARTIES AND NOT OTHERS, SOME BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS ARE NOT INNOCENT EITHER. EVEN MANY BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS THEMSELVES THINK THESE MEMES AND TWEETS ARE FUNNY AND NO BIG DEAL. SOCIETY ( VIA RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY PROGRAMMING) AND THE SO-CALLED BLACK COMMUNITY HAS DONE A TERRIFIC JOB, CONSCIOUSLY AND SUBCONSCIOUSLY TEACHING BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS NOT TO VALUE THEY’RE OWN DAMN SELVES! SMDH




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Now take a look at these tweets ya’ll from “black” men themselves. There’s a white boy and others in there taking a shot at sistas right along with ’em. smdh


*Below are a few reader responses to these disgusting tweets*

there is a reason why Black Girls Rock exist. thats why organizations exist to uplift black girls. people refuse to acknowledge that misogynoir exists. they refuse to listen to black girls and their struggles.

This makes me sick..

They change their toon when they see a black woman dating some one that isn’t black or are dating another black woman.

They’ll complain that other races are stealing their fine black woman away from them and be jealous of them and their beautiful little mixed babies.

They’ll claim that they only got into a same sex relationship because no man wanted them and then be sniffing around her and her girlfriend looking for a hand out in the form of a threesome that is NEVER. GOING. TO. FUCKING. HAPPEN.

You can say black woman are ugly aaaaaallll you want but we know the truth: You’re scared of us, You’re jealous of us, you’re mad that we call you out on your bull shit, your worried will give you the beat down if you say this kind of shit to our face.

Black woman are beautiful, every single one, light dark tall short fat thin freckled pocked natural permed or what ever. Any one denies it is a fucking lie and should be avoided at all costs until they come to their damned senses.

“Black girls are ugly” ha! I spit on your delusions.


Re blogging this shit again just to say that sometimes i really am ashamed that I have to align myself with black men simply because there are so many of us that are self-hating and pathetic. MY MOTHER IS LIGHT SKINNED AND I FUCKING LOVE BLACK WOMEN OF ALL CREEDS AND COLOR. Fuck out of here with that “black men prefer white women because….” no nigga YOU PREFER WHITE WOMEN, dont fucking lump us all into some fucking big ass ball of self-hatred as if every black man hates the women he’s been raised around. At the end of the day I understand that the only way to distance yourself from such negativity and internalized racism is through your own actions and acknowledgement, so while my words may fall on deaf ears, still. I just want to say to every single black female that reads this I am deadass sorry we as black men say and do this to yall as if you guys arent literally the most important people in our lives. I am a Black and white biracial kid who grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I have literally watched black women fight my entire life…please dont see this post and give up. I know this post makes it seem as if your blood sweat and tears are worthless, but I swear every single drop is worth more than my weight in gold. Don’t give up on us, dont even give up on them….we’re fucking idiots yo…we need yall.


Question is, why aren’t white girls offended by this as well? They’re basically saying you ain’t shit but a dick pleasing doormat.

Now let’s take a look at some stereotypical “Daquan” memes about Black Men and boys. I bet your bottom dollar that the Negro boys and girls who laugh at the memes above would not laugh at these, they’ll pitch 10 bitches in hell, call Al Charlatan, call “Messy” Jesse, the NAACP, the press, etc. I’m telling you all that many in the so-called black community don’t tolerate this type of mess when it comes to black men and boys. And guess what,  there was a meme that was posted (I believe last year by a white person) like the ones below about black men/boys and black twitter erupted! Some have taken notice how the so-black community WILL PROTECT AND DEFEND BLACK MEN AND BOYS THAN BLACK WOMEN AND GIRLS (i.e. the so-called Black Community’s turning out in large numbers to protest and rally for justice of dead black men and boys and not dead black women and girls murdered by the police, whites, non-whites, and other blacks). WE SHOULD BE PROTECTING THE CHARACTER AND IMAGE OF BOTH GENDERS EQUALLY.







Many Black Women and Girls are getting plum freaking sick and tired of being sick and tired of the sexist and misogynoiristic abuse from both this white supremacist society and our own “community” and we’re speaking out, fighting back, and we won’t be silenced!!!

57 thoughts on “Highly Insulting Memes and Tweets That “Black” People/ “Black Men” Post on Social Media About Black Women and The So-Called Black Community Doesn’t Say Or DO ABSOLUTELY A DAMN THANG ABOUT IT….BUT LAUGH AND REPOST THEM, OR JUST REMAIN SILENT!

  1. I didn’t laugh or even crack a smile at this nonsense. Fucking gross. I couldn’t even finish reading the 10 reasons why Black guys date white women. It’s all pretty sick. And yes, we are the least valued and protected, and it clearly often stems from within. When we don’t collectively value and defend ourselves, what does that tell our sisters and brothers and outsiders?

    Even though my blood started to boil, I thoroughly enjoy your posts, sis. Keep spreading the word! I appreciate you.

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    1. It’s self hatred at it’s finest! It is a sick mental disease! This madness has to stop. When you hate sistas like this it is a reflection of self hate! A lot of our brothers are truly lost. I have no words for this type of sickness.smh

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      1. @KP
        It’s soooo SAD! As this madness goes unchecked I think about the little black girls that are online and see this mess, this is psychological assault on their impressionable minds and destroys their spirit. I hurt for them soooo badly. I’ve seen comments by young black girls talking about they don’t want to date/marry black boys
        (later black men) anymore or “Why do black men hate black women.” It’s sooo heartbreaking. The so-called black community has gotta start addressing this colorism and misogynoir and stop pretending that “it’s not that bad.” Ignoring it won’t make it go away.

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      2. These type of images are very damaging to their minds. I’m glad you did this post. This sickness needs to be exposed. Our children shouldn’t have to see this crap! Too many young kids think it’s funny…it’s NOT. These little black boys are brainwashed to think it’s funny. They are hating the mothers that birthed them. But it is normal in this society to hate black women and think they’re ugly. We are all taught that kinky hair,dark skin and full lips are unattractive. We have bought into the lies of WS. Now our children are just following what black adults have accepted as fact. We are buying into a false reality given to us by our oppressors. This madness needs to END! It’s up to bloggers like you,me,Trojan Pam.Brotha Wolf,OW13,Hung Like Jesus and others to speak the TRUTH. Get the word out there that this is unacceptable thinking. And we also need to challenge our family members and friends when they make colorism statements. We have to start calling people out. I’ve done it myself. I’ve had heated debates with my fam. But it must be done if we to liberate our minds.


    2. @Kelley
      It really is hard to read this hot sick disgusting mess. This is self-hatred on display for the entire world to see and this is why I just couldn’t with black twitter. I get wind of this high level of self-hatred from other Black Women Bloggers and their readers who lurk or have accounts on twitter who actually see and witness this mess. Otherwise I wouldn’t know about this mess cause I don’t be on Black twitter like that and glad I don’t. Then they write posts, comments, and display the tweets or memes themselves exposing the self-hatred to bring awareness to this phenomena demanding for it to end. But who cares, right? Like I said publicly ridiculing and mocking black women and girls is the norm. I always knew we were de-valued just had no idea how badly. We’re seen as sub-human, even by our own “community.”

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  2. What a shame those memes!

    I’ve seen gorgeous black women both dark and light skinned. I’m sure any straight man will agree and understand that feeling when you are walking and cross a beautiful woman: it only lasts one or two seconds and you almost stop breathing and all your alarms start ringing while she is all you can see. I’ve experienced this feelings with white, asian and black women. Color and cultural background does not matter here, only biology and physical attraction.

    I truly don’t understand what kind of people finds this behavior acceptable or fun? Lost and confused kids that lack education and respect.

    Be sure a true man, at least what I believe a grown man should be, would never ridicule of treat any woman this way. And if this means anything to you, I’m a white man.

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  3. Hi, sister I am a bit concerned about the behavior of black men!
    All these niggas that hate themselves do not know and do not want to see the truth of the facts!
    In Brazil 90% of the Brazilian population is mixed and is a racist country!
    In Brazil in 1800 the white racist had planned the extermination of the black race in Brazil, they had in mind to totally eliminate the blacks with the bleaching of the country!
    In many South American countries, this project was also done in Mexico where the black Mexican population no longer exists !!
    With mixed marriages will not solve our problems, we will never be accepted by whites, our color will not change!

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  4. Is shameful to read all these comments from black men!In the end it is as if they are insulting themselves!
    They call black women ugly but prefer to have in their side white women who are really aesthetically ugly! I have never seen white women more beautiful than black women, I do not find them attractive! Physically and genetically they are all the same, they don’t have our genes and don’t have the various skin nuances that black women have!
    They insult black women but find it ridiculous black men adore women who come from the caves which fed on raw meat, rather than queens who have lived before these zombies!
    If Black women are ugly so why do white women spend 100% of their money to have the body, the skin, the hair, the lips of black women? If white women are superior to black women why continue to insult us?
    Why white women are willing to have children who don’t look like them? Why white women always stare with looks of hate black women? This is not superior to us, this is envy and jealousy!
    Really I am tired of this cancer, I come from a country doesn’t matter if you are mix or black and racism still exists!

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    1. @lewislay19892015

      These Negro men and boys don’t seem to understand for the life of them that their anti-blackness and misogynoir says more about them than it does about black women. They think this will help them win favor with non-blacks. They will laugh at these Negro fools and join them on their anti-black woman campaign, but will not ever respect them. smdh. I’ve read comments (online) and heard (offline) black women state that they have had non-black men and/or people say to them “Why do bm treat bw sooo badly? The whole world is watching! You are familiar with the saying that “A nation can’t rise no higher than it’s woman” This is why black men will get absolutely no respect in this world and stay in an inferior position.

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      1. Black men aren’t longer the kigs who ruled ancient Egypt with their black queens! Why do black people are going to decay? Because we want to have our side people who come from caves!
        I want to tell these black men hate black women,that they are procreating with white women the 100% of their children will love the whiteness! This is the punishment they deserve!


  5. I wonder if people ever call out these black men who bash black women. It’s really disgusting and disturbing, and the sad thing is that these black men who black women bash are proud of it.

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    1. @Kowaba
      Black Women and very few Black Men call out these type of Negroes. Like it was said above, many Black Men and the so-called Black Community sit back and let this sickness continue; no one cares! Black Women and Girls have ABSOLUTELY NO PROTECTION from the Black Collective. Those of us with our eyes open realize we are alone.


  6. @KP

    I’ve heard about that and have to say that I was surprised by his comments. I too agree with him about Bruce Jenner. I don’t understand why a man would be given an award for dressing in drag. Courage for what? Being sexually confused? There’s an deeper agenda going on there. In this world right now anything goes. smdh

    I was surprised at dl defending serena cause i’ve gotten use to his misogynoir and anti-blackness that spewed from his mouth in the last several years. I’ve lost much respect for him after his comments about the rutgers women’s b-ball team. He burned bridges with a lot of bw. He defended serena and that’s great, but as far as I’m concerned (and I think I speak for a lot of black women) that he is not off the hook with us just yet. He’s gonna have to do a lot more showing and proving to really get back in good graces.

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    1. Yeah I feel you. I agree with DL also. But we’ll still have to keep our eyes on him. Coons rarely change their ways. Although there are a few exceptions I’ve seen.


  7. i am so surprised by the fact dat black women re treated so baldy in the usa. in africa things a different especially the country i come from ; but since i am studying in russia the situation is the same as to the treatment of black women. we being degraded by our own african guys and the prefer daating white chicks.and the situation only gets worse, i just hope dat we as black women here we should be able to find hapiness and try to forgive them.

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  8. Reblogged this on Melanin & Honey and commented:
    “You can say black woman are ugly aaaaaallll you want but we know the truth: You’re scared of us, You’re jealous of us, you’re mad that we call you out on your bull shit, your worried will give you the beat down if you say this kind of shit to our face.

    Black woman are beautiful, every single one, light dark tall short fat thin freckled pocked natural permed or what ever. Any one denies it is a fucking lie and should be avoided at all costs until they come to their damned senses.

    ‘Black girls are ugly.’ Ha! I spit on your delusions.”

    Read more from the post that certainly gave us life.

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  9. I read your entire article, to be completely honest I truly had no idea this was such an issue. Granted I am a white woman and I’ve never had to endure what you speak about in this article so I truly have no way to really relate but I wanted to THANK YOU for putting this article out there to open the eyes of the blind and hopefully bring light to this very dark and dismal treatment of beautiful ebony women. It made me really think about all the different memes I’ve seen, all the mean posts, and just the negative connotations towards black women, and it made me feel enraged that as a society in whole this is how we treat these young women. I hope I haven’t stepped out of line by posting this, I just wanted to send all my support to you and all those women you’re righting about and fighting for.
    With the utmost respect,
    Amber Fast

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    1. Thank you Amber! We need for more people who say they are against misogyny to speak out against the vicious anti-black misogyny that specifically targets black women and girls daily, no matter the perpetrator.


  10. lol this is stupid, especially the last one. White girls do have attitudes and no, just cause you’re black doesn’t mean you have control over them. 2, they actually dont always allow everything in the bedroom, I’ve dated a russian girl who moved here 6 months ago, won’t give head. She finally did, but holy tits was it annoying to get it finally. This is stupid and black people dont see that whites are kinda brainwashing them to worship or act like them, they’re hating their own race lol btw I’m not white or black but this is stupid. And not every white girl likes black guys, some are in love with spanish men and try to learn spanish, I’ve seen it they even listen to reggaeton. some have yellow fever, some love white guys, not every white girl is head over heels for a black guy. Get off your imaginary unicorn you idiots. This is society, reality, not porn or stupid tumblr memes they make, this is the real world assholes.


  11. I am actually glad most black women who treat good black men like shit can have those vomit messages thrown back at you. This is the younger people expressing themselves. For all you black single women who never check your “sista’s or daughters” when you see that shit happening, you can get splashed too.

    Now, here I am an educated black man, single, lives in Atlanta, approached many black women respectfully…only to hear disrespect fully:
    1. Two of your checks equals one of mine..l can’t date you.
    2. Your cute but your dick looks small, hang the phone up if it’s not bigger than 8 inches (phone hangs up).
    3. I speak to you, I get ignored or eyes start to roll or as usual, I just don’t get acknowledged.
    4. I can’t pay ALL your bills plus, you are literally a walking car note and mortgage with 29% interest rate.
    5. I take public transportation (or bike). Oh no, I can’t talk to him girl!
    6. I am a square ( I talk white, whatever that shit means).
    7. I am not hood enough, not in jail, my background is blemish free, but you will become a detective and tell me more shit about myself as you dig on the Internet.
    8. Who gives fuck if anybody holds a degree, most black women want rappers, athletes and drug dealers or money hungry..we can’t build a nation together: I better have the nation ready to hand over to you.
    9. I am fucking someone else all the time if I am remotely attractive.
    10. Every guy that’s attractive isn’t gay but I am anyways to you.

    l will stop there. I didn’t laugh once at none of these meme. I tell you the one that rocked me that not in this article. Back in the day, I saw How Stella Got Her Groove Back in the theatre. I went to see the movie solo and because Angela Basset is fine as shit. All the black women came in packs and were damn near drooling over Taye Diggs when he appeared on screen. But as soon as that man found himself a woman other than black…now he’s a sellout and has been bashed by many black women? He’s not fine anymore. Take a look at the next generation of all the single ladies coming up..(sipping green tea). My son is being warned..DAILY: Speak when spoken to, leave it be when you are left unnoticed.


    1. I usually don’t approve of comments like this, but I let yours go through cause I have this to say: ALL. OF. THIS……Is why non-black women can have your ass! Good Riddance!


    2. Dude shut your stupid ass up and go get you a slutty crack head white girl and thats if she even wants your sorry ass, cause all that shit you talking is just that..pure hot shit..just like you, you brainwashed sloth of a man, the more niggas like you leave the community the better chance we have at the next generation of black men amounting to something other than shit, liers, and white women chasers.

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    3. No one owes you anything. Women, like men, are allowed to hold whatever standards we please in a potential partner. No one owes you a conversation, a date or a chance. If one person doesn’t want you, find another. If no one wants you, the problem is you; stay single, or be brave enough to take a long, hard look at yourself and your standards, and do better. Put on your big boy panties and mature out of that childish sense of entitlement to other humans.

      I’m glad black men are being honest about how most black men feel about black women and girls, which is that we’re not worth providing a nation for (white men and Asian men simply built nations for women of their respective ethnicities and their future generations), not worth providing and protecting for as wife, and deserve to be publicly and viciously racially degraded if we have standards for potential partners and turn down individuals we don’t feel compatible with (humans and even animals hold standards and select partners, yet it’s a mortal sin for black women to engage in this natural behavior :/). It’s better for black girls and women to learn this way than the harder way what most black men think. We knew what racists who are non-black think and do, as it’s hammered in. Now we’re also aware of the hatred that makes black women the number one victims of homicide by an intimate partner or spouse, abuse by an intimate partner or spouse, and most likely to go missing and never found (64,000 black women are missing).

      I am a beautiful, highly intelligent, successful young lady who has a career in STEM and is also working independently on creating innovative technologies. I would never date thugs, and I would never date you, as you’re not on my level. Your grammar is atrocious, and you’re broke with an out-of-wedlock kid (your low intelligence would degrade my gene pool, and your bad life choices due to poor life planning skills or poor impulse control would make you a burden as a mate), yet you feel entitled to the best women. You’re the one who’s single and bitter due to being rejected by all; the problem is you, dear. You blame women for your self-inflicted misery, caused by your sense of entitlement and refusal to self-examine. Shrug. How can you think it’s a punishment to not talk to women whom you admit don’t want you? Duh. Lol. If they’re single, it’s because they’d prefer singlehood over you. You can’t blackmail me into dating a broke, ambitionless male who isn’t man enough to be protector and provider for wife and children, or into talking to a shiftless male who “hollas” at every woman he passes in the street, as if the street is a meat marketplace (that’s not the way decent men meet women, genius). Your pathetic, unmanly behavior and attempts to destroy what you can’t control will backfire. You will burn, and I won’t burn with you. The cream will rise to the top. I do as I please. These racist, hateful memes and rants are the last gasp of impotent, desperate males, and do not ruin my life, or affect my standards and selection process. I have never dated a black man, yet am very happily married to a handsome, professional man who adores me. Good day.

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      1. FYI, I’ve been posting and directing these offenders on Instagram. Esp your first paragraph. Everyone should do. And you know, NO one comments back bc it speaks the truth. Black woman are the most imitated in this culture and the most disrespected. Wtf? Anyway here’s one white PR on your side.

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  12. Im a white guy and i think black women dark or light skinned are beautiful. They are strong and real. White women tend to have lots of fake in them. Ive dated black women and asian women exclusively for several years now. I dont have much interest in white women. Just letting black women know you got it.

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  13. Hey, just wanted you to know that I have been posting alot of what you said and a bunch of these horrible memes that disparage black woman. Especially the first paragraph. I’m so glad I found this blog bc NO BODY is talking about it. Those who agree with us on Instagram, I direct them to your blog. Keep up the good fight. May you be blessed with the energy to keep it up. As an FYI I am a white Puerto Rican so see and least you have one little ol nonblack on your side. Thanks

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    1. Nelson,
      Thanks, we need (anyone who says they care about black women) need to expose this horror to as many people as possible so that this abuse of black women can stop and perpetrators will be reprimanded.


  14. Black guys seem the most racist against black women/girls. They’re racist against darker skin tones and kinkier textures on women/girls, but not on themselves. I’ve been seeing black men’s anti-black women videos since I was little. They hate our existence so much, they post thousands of YouTube videos saying they nor anyone else could want us, and trying to prove our black features make us unfeminine and undesirable.

    I’ve never told anyone before, but every time I see a black guy, even if he’s nice to me and seems normal and educated or professional, my first thought is to wonder if he posts racism against black women, or passively watches while other black men do, and my fear of who he might really be under the surface makes me anxious. Lately, I can barely look a black guy in the eye. They take it as shyness, and persist like it excites them. 😦 When I have to interact with black guys, I keep it formal and courteous. I limit close contact with black guys to my father and another relative. I can’t befriend or date one due to the fear, anxiety and stress. It’s overwhelming. I just date interracial and married now. To a white guy. The reason I’m scared is because stats say black women are the number one victims of domestic violence and most likely to be killed by a spouse or partner, and I wonder if it’s because even the black men we think love us and who even marry us actually suppress hate for us until it boils over into violence and murder??! I don’t want to be biased, but can’t stop being afraid of black men.

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  15. All these comments are sad. We as a race of people need to value our self worth. Undermine the negativity and seek higher learning. Hair,skin tone and bone structure don’t mean shit because in the end;we are all going to dust. Enjoy Life. In 100 years we will not exist.

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  16. I am a White Mormon Boy from Utah who married a Black Chic from South Chicago. I admit, I was confused by the way her family, friends and culture expressed things to one another. Reading through this post explains quite a bit….. So, I researched further into the issue and I have to say: Shame on you all! Stop “hate-in” . Y’all are just too ignorant and mean to one another.
    I do agree that in general, stereotypes come about in sociology for a reason. So, get strong and smart and knock it the hell off. I am sick of”White-Guilt”. But I Dare You to prove it wrong.


  17. Black Women:
    As a White Male, I married a Black Women from the gettos of Chicago. I’d never been with a black woman before, as I was from Utah. I was shocked at the way her family, friends and culture treated one another. The culture of Hate seemed to permeate all aspects of their urban life. No one complimented each other. The negative aspects of any individual was amplified in conversation with the expectation that the one insulting the most would be admired.
    Morale is very important. I just wonder if the European Colonizers could have been as successful as they were if Every expedition was set off with insulting comments towards one another.
    Stop”Talking-Shit” and do what is called”co-operation”.
    Perhaps, the best solution is to breed it out of the cultural by inter-racial relationships.
    Just imagine the power of an African, The Power of the Asian and the all dreaded Power of European breed together?!
    There goes that”hate-on-you” crab mentality, and we won’t have loud rude, money-hungry black chicks or any of this stupidity.
    So do your part and inter-racially breed.
    I know my Black Wife had to do a night in jail just to explain to her you can’t beat your White Husband just because you got “Black-Chic-Mad”.
    We’re trying to have a Society Here. So knock it off and start loving one another. For Christ Sake!!


    1. Nothing. Idk why people take a weak race of men seriously. They are what on by other races of men, can’t build or lead to save their lives. I.e Africa.

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  18. As a black woman who is married interracially, I feel that Jon Remington is a white guy who is as much a black woman basher as the black guys who post racist memes and videos. He had very limited interaction with black people growing up. He met a woman out of one of the worst ghettoes, and ascribes her violent behavior and toxic family to skin color, instead of to the ghetto mentality THEY chose to absorb from THEIR unhealthy environment. “White trash” trailer park dwellers are just as ill-bred and low class. She needs counseling, and if he stayed with her, so does he.

    It’s outrageous for any man to speak on violence as inherent to black womanhood (“black-chic-mad”) when FACTS show only 6.7% of inmates are women, and most of these women aren’t in jail for violent crimes. White men and especially black men have a far higher rate of violent crimes, including intimate partner and spousal abuse and homicide, compared to black women.

    Smart black women need to pick a partner very wisely, no matter what color he is. Whether they are black, white or Asian, they can have toxic beliefs about black womanhood. They can use slanderous myths that are often said about us by black men and the media to set us up and bring us down, too. The hate speech that black men put out there make it very easy for anyone to defame us, under the guise that if the men birthed by and raised around black women keep saying it, it must be true.

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  19. You know, just last week it dawned on me that my bullying situation at work continues because I’m Black. I’m harassed everyday, all day because of my appearance. The bullies are Black as well. They practically shout out insults regarding my appearance; every time I move, something is said. However, they make it a point to not call me out by name. I informed management, but the bullying continues.
    My coworkers hear the insults but remain “tight-lipped.” It feels like junior high school all over again.


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