A Brother Tells Why He and Other Brothers Need To Leave NON-Black Women ALONE!!!!

“So this white lady asked me out and my first notion was to say I have someone but my curiosity got the best of me so I said why not. I’ve never dated outside my race and really never thought about it but as I get older I begin to think it really doesn’t matter! So anyway we’re on this date and I guess she mistook me accepting the invitation as one of these black men who bashed black women and she didn’t hesitate to start in with put downs and jabs at my sisters which only reinforced in my mind why I shouldntve went. We got into it about her comments and the date ended because it became awkward for me….. I know not all white women are not like this but I’m done! I’ll stick with my black Queens. It pisses me off that non black women hate so hard on black women but run and get black features and want mixed kids and every time I see a brother with one now. I’m like damn!!! Did you have to hear the same shit I did and choose to still stay? Just wow!”BlackMenConfessions, Tumblr

26 thoughts on “A Brother Tells Why He and Other Brothers Need To Leave NON-Black Women ALONE!!!!

    1. Did he speak the truth?? Shit I thought I was the only black man who sees this shit. But remember brothers we have a lot of black men to blame because blk men are the ones who speak so harshly about black women to these non black women so that make these non black women think it’s ok to talk about black women. “Oh I don’t date black women” oh? But you’ll date a mixed black woman though??? Let me not start on this topic.

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  1. I would like to know, these black men who hate black women but they love white women why they don’t have the courage to ask their white wives why they call their children biracial?
    The truth that these black men know that their white wives are racist but they leave them to bring forward their jobs!

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  2. I think that you should give this up. Stop sistah soldiering and encouraging other Black women to sistah soldier. As a collective, Black men don’t love Black women, a lot of them may love their mama, grandmas, sisters, cousins, and aunts. But they do not want a Black wife and children. More than half of them marry light skinned Black women when they do even marry Black. I don’t think that they hate Black women, it’s just that most men marry for looks. Black men prefer long looser textured hair, lighter skin, and finer features on a woman, and when they are able to get a woman who possesses those attributes, they tend to marry them.

    The interracial marriage rate between Black men and non Black women is now 25% in America, and will only continue to grow. If Black women don’t start using birth control, the Black children born oowl rate will continue to grow as well. And we will become further entrenched into becoming a perpetual underclass of people. My hope is that American Black women will start to use birth control so that this doesn’t have to happen. But even if Black women do start to use birth control, If they keep on believing that Black men will someday change, they will continue to be least married, and many will end up all alone.

    You want so badly to save the Black community. But what is there to save? Have we ever really had a community? The loyalty that you have towards Black men is for the most part one sided. If every Black man in America was given a million dollars tomorrow, most of them would choose to take a non Black woman as a wife. Even some of the ones who have Black wives would leave their wives for non Black women. I know this sounds super negative and depressing. But I honestly believe that. And I think that most Black people secretly know this to be true.

    Yes, Black people have a common enemy called White supremacy. But Black women’s one sided loyalty to Black men is not going to destroy White supremacy. Black people are never going to unite. Black women need to realize that our race of men does not love us.We don’t have any allies. We should become better allies towards each other as Black women, befriend people regardless of race, and open ourselves up to dating and marrying men regardless of race. The only thing that should matter is whether or not the man is a good fit with you, and if he is a good man who’d make a good husband, and father, should you decide to have children. 62% of Black women in America have decided to have children. Half of these children don’t have their father in their lives. Stop with the one sided loyalty. It didn’t help us in the past. And it will only harm us going onward.

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    1. You’re basically saying that black women must be open to interracial marriages? You first, you said that we don’t have allies and now, you’re invited to black women to marry non-black men!
      You know that the majority of black women when dating outside of their race, dating white men, that irony of history! Because other men of other races don’t dating black women!
      Most of the white men are racist and do not give a shit of black women!
      These same white men don’t recognize the beauty of black women, they promote only the beauty of white women! To promote relevant white supremacy! If you look around the standard of beauty is Caucasian! Who do you think which person give to white women the privileged to have what they have? White men!
      I laugh when I hear these black women who complain of the conduct of black men, but they don’t look really how they are white men! The majority of them are racist!
      You know that white women have the possibility of dating men of different race, they can get married or not married, have children or don’t have, they can have an abortion or don’t do it, they can have children by different fathers but nobody and nobody says anything about them ! You know why? This is called white privilege! The privilege that black women have not been given and will never be given!
      Black men prefer dating white women that I consider one of the most ugly women I’ve ever seen in my life!
      Black men and white people hate black women, this should finally get into the head of many black women! White men are not the solution of our problems!

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    2. No, I’m not giving it up. I speak about all types of injustices on this blog, but you wouldn’t know that cause you haven’t read all of my post and assume I’m “sista soldering.” I don’t “sista soldier” for anti-black, black people, men OR women. I don’t spare anyone’s feelings, men or women; white, black, or other.

      So Black Women should go from being some of everybody’s mammy mules to being bedwenches? Is that going to liberate Black Women/Girls from racism( white supremacy), misogynoir, and colorism, huh? I THINK NOT!

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      1. I think Stephanie is a troll. She’s here to cause division and confusion. It’s best to ignore such fools. It’s a waste of energy. But I definitely feel where you’re coming from.

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      1. You’re a beautiful young woman! Based on your avatar I see nothing but a pretty girl!

        I saw your posts on AngelTruth’s blog, and I am not happy with your anti-BM rhetoric.

        Why is it that some BW complain about self-hating black men who have no racial pride and ignore black men who love black women? These brothas are a LOST CAUSE! Stop waiting for them and appreciate those brothas who love you.

        Yeah, I find other women attractive. But I only date women. Don’t let bitterness prevent you from noticing BM who fawn over BW’s beauty.


      2. Thanks for the compliment. Honestly, I am indifferent to who Black men date, because I prefer other races of men for romantic pursuits. What I despise is them putting down Black women to justify dating outside of their race. And trying to get others to hate Black women just as much as they hate Black women. As a Black women, I am against the denigration of my image by anyone particularly someone in my own race.

        I was just explaining why I choose to be a feminist to Truth Angel. The gender relations between the Black male and Black female along with the colorism I experienced is why I prefer feminism to pro Black rhetoric that limits Black women as footstools for Black males’ liberation from White patriarchy. Pro Black rhetoric doesn’t benefit Black women because it wasn’t intended for Black women. If it makes me ”anti Black male” for choosing myself over community, let it be. At the end of the day, I know where I stand and I surely am for standing up for my beliefs.


    1. No where did I say that White men were Black women’s saviors. I said that Black women should be open to dating men regardless of race if they want to increase their chances of marriage, and having intact families. Or at least having a father in their child’s life. The world has more than just White and Black men. There are a lot of different races of men who’d be happy to have a good woman for a wife, regardless of her race. Black women just need to be more open to these men. And I’m not saying that Black women should stop dating Black men. Just be open to the man that is good to you and shows that he’s committed to you. That’s all I’m saying.

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      1. Everybody else is busy building with their own people. Haven’t we pointed out so many times that nobody is going to integrate their power away? The world is tribal. Whites (ango-saxons & nordics) stick with whites; slavic-whites stick with slavic-whites; Arabs stick with Arabs and so forth. Life is a “game”, it’s a game where every ethnic group struggles to own & control the resources of this world, and keeping the power, wealth & influence they gain from it, EXCLUSIVE to their ethnic group (this is what racism is). Mixing completely defeats this purpose, unless their numbers are large enough to absorb an adversarial population. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that my sisters ain’t worth anything (because they are) , but if other ethnicities really valued us, they’d show it by their actions. What good is having a mixed family when racism (in the case of this era: white supremacy/hegemony) still rages on? It’s not like the risk of getting stopped & frisk’ed is any less because you have a non-black spouse. It’s not any less of a risk, getting discriminated against in the workplace, just because your spouse is non-black. You will still deal with the stress of RWS (racism white supremacy) until you die regardless, unless black people decide that “enough is enough” , and start doing for themselves what needs to be done.

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      2. I see where you are coming from. With these psuedo ”conscious” and ”pro Black” people, it is my way or the highway. Many of these people particularly the commenters on here fail to see different perspectives and views of others. Nor do they realize the errors of their ways.

        It is important for Black women to keep their options open to quality men of all races and ethnicities because one would be more likely to find a mate that way than themselves to one race. And I believe more Black women will be much happier if they stopped worrying about who Black men date and marry and started expanding their own dating options.


  3. As a I am a young, college educated feminist, who believes that Black women should look out for themselves and put themselves first regardless of the racism and patriarchy that they must face in wider society and in their own communities, this article is disappointing to say the least. Black women shouldn’t be worried about who Black men or any man choices to dates and marry. It is none of our business. Worrying about men’s dating choices will not advance Black women’s position in society.

    And Stephanie is right. Black women don’t have any allies in society. Black women only have each other. The majority of White America is racist and don’t care about the livelihood of Black people much less Black women’s livelihood. And many Black men out there hate Black women just as much as a White racist does. Just look at the way many Black men talk about Black women, mistreat and put them down. Black women face racism and micro aggressions sometimes overt racism from White and non Black people but I believe that Black men’s colorism, misogyny and sexism towards Black women is just as detrimental as well. Black women only have each other to rely on and fall back on.

    What will better Black women’s plight in society is for them to put their needs and interests first.
    Anything and any important need that you need to fulfill should be at the top of the list. For far too long, Black women have put everyone’s needs and interests before theirs and this has proven to be detrimental to their well being.

    Attending college and receiving degrees is a good step in achieving educational goals however a modern day Black woman also needs the networks and skills needed to compete in the global job market. And when she has access to networks and has developed the skills needed to compete in the global market, she is more likely to find a well paying job in her field. Thus having a college degree is a good step in learning the skills needed to compete in the global job market.

    Black women also need to build economic wealth for themselves, stick together as a group of women, lose weight and maintain a balanced weight, stop having children for subpar men of any racial background, seek therapy if they are traumatized by any disturbing event that happened to them and start traveling to other countries and experience how other cultures operate.

    However, none of this would happen if Black women stop identifying themselves by Black men and start loving themselves. Stop begging Black men to come back to “the community”. They aren’t coming back! And it isn’t possible and ideal for Black women to uphold “the community” all by themselves. Black women have always put Black males’ needs and interests before their own without any reciprocation on the Black man’s part hence the state of confusion many of us are in.

    Instead, we, as Black women, need to start looking ourselves in the mirror and start loving our reflection. And things will get better for us once we start loving ourselves and putting our interests and needs first.

    Honestly, I am very disappointed in this article. I read your blog over posts on misogynoir and sexism committed against Black women and that was what compelled me to read your blog. It made me happy to read that another Black woman is aware of her surroundings. But this post disguised me because it showed that you are still looking for validation from the same men who keep on telling you everyday that they don’t want you.


    1. I don’t understand why you are upset by this article. I NEVER advocate for Black Women to seek validation from self-hating Black Males nor am I looking for validation from self-hating Black Men because they are not going to validate us no matter what unless they un-white wash their minds which is totally up to them, but I’m not counting on it and that’s not why I posted this article. I posted this article to illustrate how this brother realized something that (too) many Black Men don’t realize. When a Black person, whether they are men or women have something truthful, sensible to say I post it. Don’t you see how he was talkin about these lost males allow non-black women like that white woman to trash talk Black Women, which is misogynoir (although he didn’t use the term)? What this brotha said was the truth and is not advocating for Black Women to seek validation from lost Black males. And another thing, for you and other sistas who want to expand your options, I or anyone else is not stopping you but you must remember that there are many non-black anti-black misogynist males out there too who prey on Black Women as well. Anti-black misogynist behaviors and attitudes is not limited to Black Men.

      I also resent that you imply that my advocacy surrounding the societal and collective black community’s misogynoir against Black Women and Girls is fake cause I also talk about other issues destroying Black Race. Black Women can speak out against racism against Black People in general while also speaking out against misogynoir. Many Black Feminist do that and you ought to know that since you say you’re a feminist. I speak out against ANYONE who is a detriment to Black People and Black Women whether they be white , hispanic, asian, muslim, christian, straight, gay, black men and yes other Black women. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE and I made that clear in my introductory post, which you probably didn’t read.

      You and Stephanie miss the whole entire point of this post. Lord, have mercy, help me Jesus *smh*

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      1. Don’t sweat it TS. These are just silly trolls here to disrupt the blog. They’re counter productive and they know it. Their solutions is run into the arms of white folks,date interracially and hate black men. If you said you hated black men they would be applauding you right know.lol I usually block fools like this when they come to my blog. They think they’re speaking truth but many times sound like a white racist. It’s funny how they can’t see that though.


      2. I never said or implied that you speaking up against misogyny and sexism and standing up for Black women was fake. In fact. I have read many of your posts about sexism and misogynoir and I liked those posts. I think you are passionate about speaking up about issues Black women face in society. Overall, I like your blog.

        I felt that you were trying to seek validation from Black men until I read your response, I realize what you are trying to say. Honestly, I didn’t read the post however the title of the post got me upset because it reminded me of the stuff I read in BWE Empowerment blogs where the women were whining about Black men all day. And I am trying to get away from BWE Empowerment thinking. And I was merely agreeing with Stephanie’s comment as well.

        Sorry, if I intreprerated your post incorrectly.


    1. There’s no doubt you’re probably sleeping with a white man. And that’s fine. It’s your choice. But your are delusional if you think you can fight white supremacy……and sleep with them at the same time. That’s a total contradiction. It doesn’t work that way. You need to study more and do better research on research. Many of you interracial daters and anti-men feminists hate pro black people. Just because you gave up on your people and sold out you want everyone to do the same. You and Stephanie came on this blog to disrupt and cause division. You are not about unity and the upliftment of black people. You’re just here to cause trouble. The conscious pro-black bloggers are concerned about solving the problems in our community. Since you’re not about that…..why not go somewhere else? This isn’t the blog for you. There are plenty of blogs about interracial dating,mixed babies,and hating blacks. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home on those sites. Peace.


      1. It’s not Black women’s job to fight White supremacy while Black men have been largely non compliant. It is in every Black woman’s best interest to gravitate to whomever will allow her to be successful as a woman. Women are the gateway through which new people are brought here. Black women were so focused on coddling Black men who complain about their impotency as men due to “White Supremacy” that they didn’t realize how much most of you actually resent Black women. Black people aren’t going anywhere, because Black men are not invested in the idea of Black people prospering. Black men are largely worried about themselves. That’s one thing that Black women need to learn from Black men.

        The majority of Black men that live more privileged lives are fully immersed in multiculturalism and have an extremely individualistic outlook on life. They find their freedom between the legs of non Black women, and through acceptance from non Black men. While Black women who exist in the same economic and social environments largely tend to have less active social lives because they’re so busy pining away for Black men, spurning the advances from non Black men, and feeling intimidated by non Black women. That’s largely because our society is misogynoiristic. That’s why I stated that Black women don’t have any allies. We need to surround ourselves with good people, regardless of their color. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expect a different result. The first chance that MOST Black men get, they abandon the Black community. Black women need to WAKE UP!!!!


      2. Okay we get it! You hate black men. You’ve thrown in the towel and sold out. No need to type all that. Just get straight to the point. We can all see what delusional mindset you have. I’m not wasting anymore energy on you.


  4. A black man told me and group of women within the google plus circle. He’s ex bw basher within youtube with his former ex girlfriend (white) between year 2010-2014.
    One thing strange about the relationship with his ex girlfriend.
    He can’t bash white men. She would stop him within a second and a red card rules on things that’s off limit. She was mostly happy to bash and foundout about bw. He quote- Most time. She would dress like a black woman while going to work.
    The only one promoting interracial love is always black people but never another way around. When he asks her to promote BM/WW or BlackLivesMatter for black men. She shy away, giggle and threat him to leave those racism things alone (or she would leave him.) The relationship is never about BM/WW but only WW. Sometimes, he loves to bash or talk to another black women on the side as escapism.
    She was slowly changing when he decrease his asskissing or bashing bw.
    He felt use up in the end. Once he gave up his sperm. Things became worst and hard to maintain a relationship with somebody holding a lease around his neck. He grew tired and mad of bashing bw. She sexual excitement of talking shit about bw.He deleted his comment and page.
    I remember reading another blog about eurasian son witness his grandfather quote ” Breed the yellow monkey out.” toward his parents. He would still pick a white woman cause he feels that asian women are traitors. Hearing his mother talk crap about bw made him mad. He wonder that all asian women think of negative about themselves or people.


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