The Noise of Silence at Spring Valley High

I agree with the sista who said this young lady should have been given an disciplinary note after class; that is how this should have been handled. I don’t care if she was non-compliant; there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for a grown ass man to throwing and dragging a child around like that. NONE!

Black Millennials

Video released shows a young Black girl being brutally assaulted and traumatized by a police officer … in school. Sr. Deputy Ben Fieldscan be seen throwing the young Black student to the ground while she’s still seated. He has been placed on administrative duty, and is barred from working at any schools until the investigation is complete.

The video footage lives in every corner of the innanetz. I will not repost it here.

Sign this petition to demand this officer be fired.

Already the tweets and think pieces are formulating from the minds, hearts, and souls of brilliant Black people who are exasperated, annoyed, frustrated, and disgusted by this latest incident in the long story of institutional racism. The topics are many; from the dastardly…

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Cosby, the Cosby Show and the Ebony Cover



It’s practically a full year since the public was reminded of Bill Cosby’s horrendous rape allegations via a comedy routine by Hannibal Burress. I’d say it’s a done deal that his sterling silver reputation is unsalvageable as it seems that every new month or so, one or two more accusers emerge to say that the puddin’ pop authority and respectable politics advocate raped them.

Recently, it’s been made abundantly clear how far the Cos has fallen as Ebony’s recent issue’s cover displays a shattered image of the cast of the beloved Cosby Show with a huge hole over Cosby’s face. The cover alone has caused quite a stir on and offline. Half the people support the cover, while the other half is disgusted by it as they still believe that Cosby is the innocent victim in all this. And the ones who are at fault, according to them, are the 50-plus…

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A Brother Tells Why He and Other Brothers Need To Leave NON-Black Women ALONE!!!!

“So this white lady asked me out and my first notion was to say I have someone but my curiosity got the best of me so I said why not. I’ve never dated outside my race and really never thought about it but as I get older I begin to think it really doesn’t matter! So anyway we’re on this date and I guess she mistook me accepting the invitation as one of these black men who bashed black women and she didn’t hesitate to start in with put downs and jabs at my sisters which only reinforced in my mind why I shouldntve went. We got into it about her comments and the date ended because it became awkward for me….. I know not all white women are not like this but I’m done! I’ll stick with my black Queens. It pisses me off that non black women hate so hard on black women but run and get black features and want mixed kids and every time I see a brother with one now. I’m like damn!!! Did you have to hear the same shit I did and choose to still stay? Just wow!”BlackMenConfessions, Tumblr