We still have no friends…no matter how hard we seek them!

This is horrible, just horrible!!!! ALL African people are being attacked, but the attack on the African has stepped up tremendously in the last 10 years. African Women are experiencing this globally and it’s called misogynoir (anti-black misogny, hatred of Black Women).

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Earlier this week, social media was aghast with the image of some savages in India, beating up a defenseless Afrikan woman. Stories of Afrikan migrants directly from the continent, being assaulted by these subhuman animals is not a one off, but a constant occurrence not only for Afrikans recently emigrated to that foul country, but from centuries of hatred and violence against us. Often the violence appears consistently more insidious than the cave savages from Europe.

Bengaluru: Mob strips Tanzanian girl, torches her car as police watch

Yet just like kneegrows be sticking their faces up inside the assess and between the legs of the cave savages, we keep doing so with the savages from the Indian Subcontinent ( there must be a reason why yurugu named it so)

John Henrik Clark said it best….”We have no friends!”

And until those of us who are not lost , truly overstand…

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7 thoughts on “We still have no friends…no matter how hard we seek them!

  1. If you think Indian is the 2 country in the world outside Africa has the largest number of colored people it’s shame! If you think before Indian people had African features, but through mixing, their feautures have changed, but under their skin have African ancestry!
    Indian people hate their own people especially dark skinned people,this is white supremacy go aound the world to teach colored people how to hate black race!
    They hate black race because they are shame about their skin color, everything is connected to us is a symbol of shame!

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  2. That is horrible. With everything going on in this world, it just highlights how much hatred against Black people is real. And to think, Indians are as dark as Africans. To unleash that kind of venom on another HUE-man being is perplexing indeed. Colonialism vs Slavery. Both are products of the same genesis, White Supremacy.

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  3. i dont know about you but i have experienced more racism and a general horrible feeling from indians then any other white person maybe its because i grew up in england ( england is turning into eastern europe / pakistan ). these types of asians can be nice but it depends where they are from for example i have never had a problem with bangladesh and pakistan muslims only the indian and arabs are rude and racist

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    1. If you think they are bad now, just wait until whites are a tiny minority or gone completely, then you’ll have to deal with them on a whole new level.


  4. You guys have not done a good job trying to acquire friends. But then, when you have scenarios like the one below, on the regular, you probably aren’t going to endear yourselves to anyone:


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