“Africans sold their own people as slaves”


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“Africans sold their own people as slaves” is a stock argument White Americans use when the subject of slavery comes up.

First, simply as an argument of fact it fails:

  • Africa was not a country. Africans were not selling “their own”, they were selling their enemies, just as the Greeks and Romans once did. Africa, then as now, was made up of different countries. They were no more selling “their own” than, say, “Europeans” were killing “their own” during the Holocaust.

And it overlooks a few other things:

  • Most African countries did not sell slaves and some even fought against it. But because Europeans back then could control the supply of guns there was little Africans could do to stop it.
  • The Transatlantic…

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Black Men: The Face of Domestic Violence

“Domestic violence has been racialized, and it’s a huge detriment to all women. Sure, we need to talk about Dr. Dre’s past, and hell yes, he needs to own up to it, if he hasn’t done so already, but so does Charlie Sheen, Robert Downy Jr., Mel Gibson, Bill Murray, and all other white males, famous or not – no, all other males period. We can’t say that we’re against men beating up women when we only focus on one kind of man while giving the rest a pass.”

Great post! White men are given a pass on the reporting of domestic violence so that they can continue to look good in front of the entire world. White Supremacy by any means necessary!

Nas To Fund Tech Scholarships for African-Americans and Latinos at General Assembly in NYC

This is great of Nas!


nas instagram Nasir Jones aka Nas (photo via allhiphop.com)

Nas is partnering up with General Assembly to sponsor scholarships for African-American and Latino students, according to reports.

General Assembly, a vocational school for engineering and programming in New York City, is opening the “Opportunity Fund” to help bring diversity into technology.  Microsoft, Google and Hirepurpose will also provide monies for the project. Each company will sponsor different populations. While Nas will give scholarships to African-Americans and Latinos, Microsoft and Hirepurpose will provide funding for veterans and Google will give scholarships to women.“This is the start of what hopefully will be a contribution to what will be a more diverse and accessible community worldwide,” General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz told the Observer.

This is not the first time Nas has had his name attached to an educational opportunity – in 2013 Harvard University created the Nasir Jones Fellowship in his honor.  It’s wonderful that he…

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Lack of Diversity in the Grand Jury Investigating Sandra Bland’s Death

This afternoon at 1 p.m. Color of Change organized a tweet storm directed at the Waller County DA. The Texas county is where Sandra Bland died while in jail after being pulled over for a routine traffic stop. Aggressive behavior by officer Brian Encinia escalated the situation, and Waller County claims that Bland’s death in jail was suicide, although family, friends and countless others believe Sandra Bland was murdered.

It’s been more than 40 days since Sandra Bland’s death and there are still no answers. With the death of Freddie Gray, the officers involved were swiftly indicted. So what’s the holdup, Waller County DA? They’ve given us more than one reason to question their credibility. Color of Change and many others online think it’s because #WallerCountyCantBeTrusted, and tweeted as such to call out officials. If the drawn-out timeline of events isn’t enough, the grand jury investigating this case is yet another reason that citizens have no faith in Waller County.

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UltraViolet and Color of Change are calling out the lack of diversity in the grand jury with this powerful image.

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If you’re wondering whether diverse juries matter, the answer is most definitely yes. A jury with diverse representation in both gender and race helps to combat biases and causes the jurors as a group to be more aware and thorough in their deliberations. While the presence of minorities on a jury doesn’t completely eliminate implicit bias, it’s an important element in being as close to an unbiased jury as possible.

With a jury consisting of eight white people, one Latino and one black man, it’s hard to imagine that the state is doing everything it can to provide a fair and balanced trial for Sandra Bland — something she is owed.

Source: Blavity.com

The Biggest Lie Ever Told!


dr dre

Straight Outta Compton;
 the biggest lie ever told.
Gloss over the truth
and the public is sold.

Offer an apology,
 why don’t you Dr. Dre?
It’s so late in coming.
Did fame get in the way?

Beating up on women
can be overlooked.
What’s a little abuse
 when the matinée  is booked?

No ho can steal the thunder
 of Niggers With Attitude
  making money for the man.
 Who needs their gratitude?

When we tell our story
 who will fill in the blanks
 about the women that got beaten;
 those hos, bitches and skanks?

Sell-outs rule the day
from Compton in L.A.
to the District of Columbia,
 and all across the U.S.A.

Get with the program,
it’s all about getting paid.
If the bitches come around
they know, they gone get laid.

If she stepped outta line,
she got beat just like a man
by a nigger with an attitude.
And now…

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My Thoughts On ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Today is the premiere of the gangsta rap group N.W.A.s biopic, Straight Outta Compton. N.W.A ushered in the era of gangsta rap and their lyrics was chock full of violence, self-hatred, and anti-black misogyny. This film has both it’s fans and critics. I am not a fan and will not be spending my money to see a movie glorifying black self-hatred, violence and misogynoir. While the film will portray how the group exposes police brutality against black people, most of the group’s dark history of self-hatred, violence, and misogynoir will not be portrayed to protect the image of the group’s violent, misogynoiristic, self-hating Negroes. Many excuse this film as being” history” and  “art” many WILL NOT excuse the group’s well-documented glorification of black self-hatred, violence and misogynoir and make sure that we remember what this group really stood for.

N.W.A. portrayed Black people as violent, anti-woman, self-hating savages. Black men are portrayed as self-hating violent, misogynioristic thugs and Black Women were portrayed as hoes and thots. The members, especially Dr. Dre, were known to live the very life that they promoted. Their portrayal of Black Men also portrayed Black Men unempathetic and uncaring of themselves and their people whereas the worth of Black Women are devalued. In 1991, Dre assaulted a Black Woman journalist named Denise Barnes. He kicked and punched her then attempting to throw her down the stairs. As a result Ms. Barnes ended up in the emergency room. Dre never denied the assault. He NEVER apologized and the group defended Dre’s despicable actions.

Ex-girlfriends Michel’le and Tairrie B. have also gone on record revealing abuse at his hands. None of these incidents are mentioned in the movie. I expect this movie to do well at the box office. Many will go see this movie, including many Negro people who don’t mind supporting the degradation of the Black Race. It’s just sad and pathetic. However, for those of us who know better I say that we continue to move forward and NEVER let these Negroes forget that the group’s dark history WILL LIVE ON IN MEMORY no matter how pretty a picture is painted to cover the groups notorious history of self-hatred, violence, and misogynoir. 

Of Mules and Mammies: The Mammy Mule Brainwashing of The American Black Women

“The Age Of the Supermammy Is Back!”- FedUpBlackWoman

The Black Woman is seen and treated as mammy mules to carry everyone’s burden and problems on her shoulders including rescuing, helping serving, defending and protecting everybody but her own damn self. Many modern-day Black Women are happy mammies and mules not only to white, but to some of everybody, especially those people, places and things that wouldn’t spit on them if they was on fire. It’s just a sad, pitiful sight to witness.

The American Black Woman has been successfully brainwashed and or programmed to be mammy mules. I didn’t realize the programming was that successful until I started studying and observing this disturbing behavior in (too) many Black Women a few short years ago.


In Zora Neale Hurston’s classic novel, ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’ (1937) Janie (the main character) grandmother said to her “Black Women Are the Mules of The World.” That quote reigns true today as it did 78 years ago. For Harriet explains:

Our country was built on the backs of black women, and we continue to carry its burdens; therefore, the perception of us as mules is an accurate one.

For hundreds of years, we were the property of white men. During slavery, who tended to cotton and tobacco fields and cared for the master’s family and household, as well as their own? Black women. We bore children only to see them sold away to faraway plantations. When white men crept into slave cabins at night, nobody heard our cries as they wreaked havoc on our bodies. And look at where we are today. Despite all of our accomplishments in the face of adversity, black women remain objects of exploitation. Sometimes corporations employ us in high-paying positions, but most use us for cheap labor (see Wal-Mart). The government attempts to deny us basic human rights. Legislators try to control our reproductive systems. Women have no choice but to act as the backbone of the black community, holding families together while our black men are wrongfully killed and imprisoned.

Positive portrayals of black women in the media are few and far between, and our screens are bombarded with images of black women whose goals revolve around men: finding a man, getting money from men, and obtaining fame through male counterparts. Society expects black women who are not celebrities to be welfare queens fluent in birthing multiple children and speaking Ebonics. Teachers, professors, and even family members are quick to crush our dreams, and we have to work twice as hard as everybody else in order to get what we deserve. Our voices are silenced in mainstream media, our stories are ignored, and our murdered are left out of the news. It is evident that patriarchy does not wish to see black women succeed.

I have always even as a young girl believed in the concept of “support those people, places, or things that support you.” My motto is: NO SUPPORT WITHOUT RECIPROCATION. Unfortunately, Black Women have been trained to be good mammies and mules to people, places and things that could give two rat’s asses about Black Women and our issues as black people and women. Fortunately, (what looks like) a good number of Black Women are addressing the dire need for Black Women to stop happily operating like mammies and mules. There is just something in many Black Women’s brain computer that tells them to go get that supermammy cape and rescue, protect, or defend a racist white man or woman, a self-loathing negro who hate Black Women, anti-black non-black poc when these people are experiencing trouble or a problems. What’s even more sad is these women will support everybody except another black women, smdh. They’ll throw other Black Women and girls under the bus in a minute. They’ll take up everyone else’s cause except their own cause as a black woman (i.e., the rampant misogynoir and colorism against black women and girls) [Side Note: Of course, with the exception of black people’s causes in general, which is because they are black] Where’s the sisterhood?!? smfh.


Of course the mammy mentality in so many black women originated from white supremacist slave programming. It has grown from the mammy caricature whites created to portray black women as happy undesirable slaves to placate insecure white misses whose predatory slave master husbands (including other white males) who were always lurking in and around the slave quarters. According to The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia:

From slavery through the Jim Crow era, the mammy image served the political, social, and economic interests of mainstream white America. During slavery, the mammy caricature was posited as proof that blacks — in this case, black women — were contented, even happy, as slaves. Her wide grin, hearty laughter, and loyal servitude were offered as evidence of the supposed humanity of the institution of slavery.

This was the mammy caricature, and, like all caricatures, it contained a little truth surrounded by a larger lie. The caricature portrayed an obese, coarse, maternal figure. She had great love for her white “family,” but often treated her own family with disdain. Although she had children, sometimes many, she was completely de-sexualized. She “belonged” to the white family, though it was rarely stated. Unlike Sambo, she was a faithful worker. She had no black friends; the white family was her entire world. Obviously, the mammy caricature was more myth than accurate portrayal.

BWE Blogger Neecy provided more information about mammy’s role in American Television and film:

If you have ever seen Gone with the Wind, Hattie McDaniels who played the maid (and won an Oscar for it LOL) was a Mammy. When you look at her in comparison to Scarlette who was thin, feminine and well protected, Hattie was the stark difference. But Good ole Hattie was there to protect the innocent virtuous feminine sexually appealing Vivian. Black women were often portrayed in this light as to not be a threat to WHite womanhood. They needed to present Black women as less of a feminine beauty/ideal that did not need protection and more as the protector (which is a masculine trait).

Nowadays you can see these kinds of Black women in a variety of media like commercial, TV shows and movies. MADEA is the first and most prevalent Mammy I can think of today.

The Mammy character – She is  usually paired next to the feminine sexually attractive and thin Non Black woman and is usually the ASEXUAL side kick friend, always looking to “nurse” her hot friends “man issues”. Or she is just generally there to help and nurse everyone else’s needs and help them fix their problems, is always offering up her shoulder to cry on, puts her burdens and “needs” and problems aside just to address and help others.

She will even over extend herself to others who use her back as a stepping stool to get what they want even if that means knocking her down and getting what they need and want at HER expense. What does the MAMMY do? She smiles, takes it and finds more ways to supplicate to the very people who are stepping on her and shitting on her.


These comments below from another black female blogger describes how the modern-day mammified Negro Women  operate against their own interest as a black person who is a woman as well as against those of black women and girls collectively:

I consider these chicks modern-day Mammies sad clowns trolling for approval that will never come.

The more things change the more they stay the same.
When we talk about non-Black women the mammies call it bashing.
If we discuss self-hating Black men the mammies call us bitter.
Mammies job is to defend serve and protect White women, White Men, Non-Black POC, and self-hating BM.
Mammy is always on the patrol to call out your wicked ways!

One such example is Caitlyn  Bruce’s Jenner’s transition from a man to a “woman.” Read one blogger’s opinion about it here. It was embarrassing how many Super Mammy Negro Women on social media took out their proverbial capes to “rescue” Bruce. There are a few questions these silly women did not bother to ask themselves cause they are so busy mammying and muling:

  1. Why I am caping for a white male millionaire who already has  white privilege when I’m a part of a group of girls and women who are the most oppressed, unprotected, disrespected, demeaned, and disregarded on the planet?
  2.  Would Bruce Jenner, a white male millionaire cape for Black Women? Would he gather or form a group of people who will demand that Black Women and girls to start being protected and respected? NO!
  3. Hell, has he ever caped for Black Women? Again, NO!

There is a saying that you teach people how to treat you. Black Women are continuously treated like society’s mammy mules because many of us allow it. Mammying and muling is why Black Women stay at the bottom of the social order instead of rising to the top (where we are supposed to be). If you act as a mammy mule, you will be treated like one (and then these women have the nerve to wonder why others do not treat black women like Queens, “Damsels in Distress”, etc.). Moreover, Black Women who mammy mule  is not helping herself nor the Black Woman collective character and image. Woman’s character and image. In addition, mammying and muling  is not bringing black women any rewards or profit, but it sure is bringing many black women heartache, pain, and poor physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health that’s for sure. Sadly, mammified black women keep hoping that they will one day get rewarded for their support only to be disappointed. Black Women are never rewarded or given credit for our contributions to society and even our own “community.” The only black woman who has profited and been rewarded for being “mammy” is Oprah (and that’s not an insult cause when you analyze her past actions, she has been (White) “America’s Emotional Mammy” for over 20 years).

Black Women need to stop. We can’t be everything to everyone, especially those who do not care for us. Sistas, if you’re mammying and muling and you realize it (I hope you do) stop it, stop it now for the sake of you physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Lastly,  If you’re a mammified Black Woman. Here’s one Black Woman’s advice to you:

Stop being the emotional mammy trying to solve everyone’s problems! You aren’t a therapist and if you are, raise your rates! How many of them give a damn about you? When was the last time somebody phoned just to ask how you’re doing?

Stop being the digital mammy for any man too lazy, apathetic or stupid to plan face to face dates. I mean proper dates, not kicking it at his house!

Stop being cheerleader, handmaiden and side-kick for those who do not return the favor! And nanny! Make your kids raise their own kids!

Stop supporting people and places who diss you from relatives to bitter self-hating Black men and of course, discriminatory, Asian-run beauty supply stores!

Stop supporting music that disses your skin tone. Yes I’m talking to you, hip hop! The karma of rappers is their daughters, many of them are dark skin girls…

Stop loving men who won’t marry you or help you raise your children.

Stop defending those who ignore you, period!

Some Thoughts For The Day

When I discuss issues about the ills in the so-called Black Community, I have absolutely no intention of “generalizing” and “demonizing” and “putting all the blame” on black men and “absolving” black women and or white supremacist (the primary perpetrators) for their part in our MAAFA (great destruction). This is an accusation that was leveled at me by a black male reader and or lurker. He also said that I was being “divisive” And that I “hate” black men *eye roll* HAHAHA! Now I don’t understand how this brotha has come to this conclusion cause I make it very clear that I’m not talking about all men of African descent. When I say “self-hating negroes” I’m not addressing self-loving, self-respecting black men and women, I’m addressing self-hating negro men and women and I make no apologies about that. Anyone that reads my post and say that I’m “generalizing and demonizing” and “putting all the blame” on black men  as well as  being “divisive” or “hating” black men lack simple reading comprehension skills. Point. Blank. Period.

I OVERstand that racism white supremacy is at the root of all the ills of the American so-called Black Community and the entire African  Diaspora. Like Gus T. Renegade, host of the internet radio show C.O.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy), says “white people are the problem.”  It is (or should be) a well known fact to black people by now that WHITE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE OR LOVE US. THEY TREAT US LIKE YESTERDAY’S DOG SHIT AND THEY’RE NOT GOING TO STOP IT. If you Overstand the nature of the Caucasoid you will know that their hostility and hatred toward us is to be expected but not excused. However, knowing these simple facts WILL NOT stop me from addressing how many black men AND black women contribute to our own MAAFA by the way many treat one another. MANY BLACK MEN AND WOMEN TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE WHITE PEOPLE TREAT US…..LIKE YESTERDAY’S DOG SHIT. When I address anti-black racism and or anti-blackness I will address it across the board whether it is coming from white people, non-black people of color, and other black people. I’m an equal opportunity critic when it comes to those who have any degree of anti-black thoughts and behaviors  towards black people, I’m calling out everybody, I’m leaving NOBODY OUT.   Again, I make no apologies.

Lastly, let me re-emphasize that both black men and women aid and albeit our own destruction. Black women ARE NOT innocent. Many black women just like many black men are self-hating, self-destructive, and self-defeating. Now I don’t get to blog as much as I would like to, but best believe I  have upcoming posts in waiting  about how many black women participate and perpetuate many ills (i.e. the gender wars) within the so-called black community. I have a lot to say about that. In addition, Imma be getting’ at white and non-black poc’s anti-blackness too. Oh yeah, I’m definitely WILL NOT be cutting them any slack.

So any one that comes here or send messages via email to accuse me of  “demonizing and generalizing” and “putting all the blame” on black men, being “divisive,” “hating” black men, and “absolving” white people, non-black poc, and black women’s part in our destruction need to have several seats……. and while you’re at it brush up on those reading comprehension skills.