The Way Black People Treat Each Other Is Eerily Similar To How White People Treat Us……

For about a year now, I have been really focused on how Black People treat each other. We know for a fact that white people will never treat us right, but we can and need to learn to treat each other right. Black People go all day long into next week about how white people treat us like last week’s dog shit; the very extensive physical and psychological damage racism white supremacy and white privilege has wreaked upon us in the last 500 years, but Lord when its time for us to talk about how we treat each other, all of a sudden niggas can’t speak on issues like Black self-hatred, colorism a.k.a. Intra-racism, misogynoir, rape, sexual assault and molestation, classism, and many other issues bringing death and destruction to the so-called Black Community by the hand of toxic Black People. THE WAY BLACK PEOPLE TREAT EACH OTHER IS EERILY SIMILAR TO THE WAY WHITE PEOPLE TREAT US.

We’re the most disunited people on the planet, but many want to put up a fake ass unified front in front of white people and the rest of the world. Even when we join together in organizing and implementing civil rights movements, we are still dis-unified. I discussed that in more detail  here. Like I said before, it’s just sad and pathetic. Many of us treat each other like pure shit based on skin tone, looks, gender, class, sexual orientation and other things, then descend into name-calling, backstabbing, backbiting, betrayal like little children; yet we want the same Black People that we mistreat standing along side us with fist in the air shouting “black power!” ” “black unity!” “fuck da white mane!” and I am noticing this hypocrisy is mostly come from these fake ass “pro-black” negroes, ya know the main ones preaching “black unity!” “black power!” I’m just tired of being sick and fucking tired of it!  We gotta to do better and learn to agree to disagree in spite of it all. We will never liberate ourselves if we continue on this path. 

A few thoughts on social injustice, intolerance, and my increasing anger towards a sick twisted society in which we live……

The older I get and the further I travel on the road to social justice and liberation, I realize more and more just how REALLY AND I MEAN REALLY fucked up people are. It’s been established that white people are naturally certified fucked up. As far as Black People many of us have become so much like white people it’s frightening and then there is non-black people of color who have been molded into melanated white people via white supremacist programming (just like many of us Black People).

It’s just so appalling and disgusting how people justify social injustices like racism white supremacy, colorism, intra-racism (internalized racism) sexism, misogyny, misogynoir (anti-black misogyny), classism, ableism and many other forms of prejudices and discrimination. People come up with all types of excuses and “logic” as to why these things are plausible (no matter how fucked up it sounds) in a”civil” society. I have an older male friend who says, “People are basically fucked up” LOL. To be honest, it’s hard NOT to disagree. All of this injustice in the world  is making me more and more angry and resentful towards people in general. I have no patience or no love for the following groups of people who demean and disrespect my humanity as a black person and my femininity as a black woman: first and foremost anti-black, anti-black misogynist White Supremacist (damn near ALL pale degenerates who call themselves white people), anti-black, anti-black misogynist people of color (a whole lotta of them), and anti-black, anti-black misogynist, colorist black people (men and women). I’m just REALLY trying not to have high blood pressure at a young age. So help me, God………

Have you noticed… that most TV commercials will not portray black men and women together?

It is impossible to ignore the absence of Black Women in te-LIE-vision, film, and commercials. Contrary, to what many people want to believe IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE and it’s all by design. The Black Woman’s Triple burden rears its ugly head again: racism White Supremacy, Misogynoir, and colorism.

Racism Is White Supremacy

I just received an email from a black female I’ll call Stacy:

“Have you noticed that the commercials on TV have almost completely eliminated the black female especially if there is a black male on scene. The new black female is the white woman.”

My response:

“I have, and it’s true in the movies as well. It should be clear (to anyone with two working eyes) that the white supremacist system wants black males with ANYONE BUT a black female

(for fear we’ll BREED more black babies and somehow, find a way to unify with each other)

They would rather see a black male with a white, Asian, or Hispanic female or even lying in bed with a white male in a homosexual relationship


If you doubt this, check out the TV commercials with black males surrounded by white people and often paired up with…

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