David Walker’s Appeal The Pamphlet That Put Fear of Slave Rebellion Across The South in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia To Destroy White Supremacy


David Walker (28 Sept. 1796-August 6 1830), black author of an incendiary antislavery pamphlet, was born in Wilmington to a free mother and  a slave father who died before his birth. Despite his free status inherited from his mother, he grew up stifled by life in a slave society and developed a strong hatred of the institution. He left the South, stating that “If I remain in this bloody land, I will not live long. . . . I cannot remain where I must hear slaves’ chains continually and where I must encounter the insults of their hypocritical enslavers.” He traveled extensively around the country and by 1827 had settled in Boston, where he established a profitable secondhand clothing business. Active in helping the poor and needy, including runaway slaves, he earned a reputation within Boston’s black community for his generosity and benevolence.

In 1828 he married a woman known…

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