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  1. I wrote an article / vent piece on the black girl or black women, whichever it’s called, area of reddit about 3 weeks ago about BLACK female characters being replaced with multiracial actresses in Hollywood films. When I first discovered Clutch magazine’s website (apparently a Black women’s magazine) their articles gushing and gushing over this multiracial chick or that multiracial chick (for example, in an article about a black female rapper the woman they were gushing over had a father who is Nigerian and a mother “who is of X, X and X European descent”) and this caused me to post a comment politely saying basically “look, we’re being replaced. This is bad.” But each time I posted -writing from scratch and making it shorter, etc – Clutch would DELETE MY POST because they didn’t agree with my observations and mild warning about what the media is up to with this. I’m glad another Black woman finally noticed what I noticed years ago! Great articles and observations! I’m going to paste my post from reddit here. I wrote and posted it May 2nd 2016. I usually write WAY better than this but when I wrote this I was disappointed and annoyed so forgive me.

    So, Marvel casting screws up Storm AGAIN. I just found out there’s going to be a Storm movie and I was thinking “Please not Halle Berry please not Halle Berry” and they didn’t choose Halle Berry but they chose someone just like her. Ugh! How hard is it to let Black women play Black women roles? Storm is an effing BLACK AFRICAN for God’s sake. You can’t get any Blacker than BLACK AFRICAN. And though Storm is very beautiful she is what Black people call “dark”, usually with negative intent. The role of Marvel’s Storm is specifically a role for a dark-skinned actress. Or any regular-Black actress. But Hollywood whitewashing has infected good old Marvel as well. It’s sickening. In no other ethnicity do you see full-blooded males and half-or-quarter females, portrayed as “the people of X race”. Like any time you see a Japanese male on your American screen he’s a normal Japanese male but any time you see a Japanese female on your American screen she’s almost 6 feet tall with naturally blue eyes or some crap. it’s just Black people, specifically Black women, that are being replaced with obvious hybrids. They could have had one of those dudes from B5 (or any guy who looks like that I mean) play Marvel’s Black Panther but they didn’t do that, that role went to a regular Black man. But any time you see a Black woman on TV it’s a Halle Berry type or for a better example, that frizzy-haired woman with the big eyes from Girlfriends or Lisa Bonet as opposed to Lisa from Saved by the Bell or the main chick on (now-lame series) Sleepy Hollow. It’s wrong and it needs to stop but Black people don’t complain/no one cares if we complain and white people don’t care/think it’s funny, so it will probably never change. If women like this can’t play Jean Grey or Black Canary or whoever else that’s their problem. They shouldn’t be given all the plain ol’ Black roles just because they don’t look like their mom enough to get hired to play a white, Asian or Hispanic character. But this is a forum so… what are your thoughts on this casting?

    That was my post. No one replied agreeing but kudos to the forum for not deleting my post or flaming me as I expected. Apparently the only thing real black women who care can do is get into the business and make our own stuff using regular Black women. Either that or get into the business and promote those Vanessa Williams-looking “black” men so they can replace the regular black men. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander… and it certainly won’t WORSEN how black women are treated or seen so maybe that’s the way to go. Please write some an article about how the heck this happened – I think they started giving black men white women when black men started having money – athletes, singers – and also to castrate them so they no longer give a crap about fighting for the rights and happiness of black people as a whole. I don’t listen to rap but have you noticed how black men went from “Eff the police!” and “Kill Whitey!” to dancing around a mansion with a white, indian, mexican, etc woman? Not a threat to white people any more, just give him a white woman to shut him up.


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