White Supremacy At the Neighborhood Pool Party Update: More White Supremacy Follows

White people just won’t and ain’t gonna stop. Lately, they have been REALLY showing out, but what’s new about that. More fallout ensues: The white woman who started the fight gets put on administrative leave by her employer, a white teacher in Texas gets fired for a racist post, and the officer involved was sued for racial profiling in 2008. Read more here and share your thoughts.

White Supremacy At the Neighborhood Pool Party

I’m sure by now that all of you have heard and seen the footage regarding the most recent nationally televised incident of racism white supremacy in action in McKinney, Texas in which a young Black teen girl around the age of 14 (some reports say 15) manhandled and slammed to the ground by a psychopathic pale savage. White people are not only telling, but showing Black People everyday how they REALLY feel about us. Black People better start having a OVERstanding of what kind of creatures we are dealing with and these are the same people who some of you want to date, marry, and procreate with?!? Some of you are outta your FUCKING minds! They will FUCK YOU AND FUCK OVER YOU, literally and figuratively!

Some of the Many Reasons Why I Can’t Stand White Women and the Negro Men Who Date, Marry, and Procreate With Them


The other day I was surfing my tumblr page and an interesting post from one of the  bloggers I follow came up in which I believe a black woman or girl described a encounter with a racist white woman:

 I was shopping and I saw a mixed race baby with her white mother. The baby was smiling so much at me and I gave her a big smile back, and then her mother caught me smiling at her and pulled her away while giving me a total look of disgust. Within the space of 2 minutes, I saw a white woman smile at the baby when I went down another isle, and the mother was fine with it and they started conversing. I don’t know what the issue was, but I can’t help feeling it was because of me being black

Here’s another one I found on a facebook page I follow:

I am due to be married to a biracial man (half black/half white) next year (he proposed last month). I am black American and his white mother does not want him to be with a black woman. The first time meeting her, she was very rude and cold towards me. She flat out told me she couldn’t stand black women and that she used to always tell him nasty stereotypes about us as he was growing up. I was pretty shocked considering that she was married to a black man. My fiancée and his mother haven’t talked much after he called her out about the way she treated me. Now that we are planning the wedding, he said that he really didn’t want her to come. I am bothered by this because they were pretty close before he dated me. I am very family oriented and I still want her to be there. However, he insists that he doesn’t want any drama during our wedding and that he does not like to be told who he should be married to. Has anyone ever had family discourage them from dating a certain race despite being mixed with different races?

See this is the reason why Dr. Neely Fuller, Jr. (If you don’t know him, google him) warns us to STOP HAVING SEX WITH AND/OR ENGAGING IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY OR SEXUAL PLAY WITH WHITE PEOPLE, yet some Negro boys are so full of self-hate that it doesn’t matter that the white women they are engaging in sexual relations with ARE RACIST LIKE THEIR RACIST MALE COUNTERPARTS, having a white woman is all that matters. In addition, these idiot Negro boys are creating a race of people who most of them abandon after the “thrill” and lust of having a white woman wears off, these biracials will hate them and Black people, many if not most will be angry and confused, and love their white mothers and white people more, and create more division and chaos within the Black collective, yet these fools think they are winning. UTTER AND COMPLETE CHAOS, SELF-HATE IS A MOTHERFUCKER!