White Supremacy At the Neighborhood Pool Party

I’m sure by now that all of you have heard and seen the footage regarding the most recent nationally televised incident of racism white supremacy in action in McKinney, Texas in which a young Black teen girl around the age of 14 (some reports say 15) manhandled and slammed to the ground by a psychopathic pale savage. White people are not only telling, but showing Black People everyday how they REALLY feel about us. Black People better start having a OVERstanding of what kind of creatures we are dealing with and these are the same people who some of you want to date, marry, and procreate with?!? Some of you are outta your FUCKING minds! They will FUCK YOU AND FUCK OVER YOU, literally and figuratively!

8 thoughts on “White Supremacy At the Neighborhood Pool Party

  1. There’s a black man at my job that was really pissed off about this. He said he was outraged at the cops behavior. And it was totally uncalled for.
    Keep in mind this guy chases after white women. He doesn’t even look at black women.
    I just shook my head. Guys like him just don’t get it.smh

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    1. @KP
      Guys like him are very confused to the max. Say they care about black people, yet chase after massa’s daughter and ignore black women. He might can’t look at black women because he knows his behavior is treasonous. I’ve witness that before.

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      1. The sad part is there are others at my job just like him. It’s like an epidemic. So many of our people are brainwashed! I really wish we would wake the hell up!!!

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