Some of the Many Reasons Why I Can’t Stand White Women and the Negro Men Who Date, Marry, and Procreate With Them


The other day I was surfing my tumblr page and an interesting post from one of the  bloggers I follow came up in which I believe a black woman or girl described a encounter with a racist white woman:

 I was shopping and I saw a mixed race baby with her white mother. The baby was smiling so much at me and I gave her a big smile back, and then her mother caught me smiling at her and pulled her away while giving me a total look of disgust. Within the space of 2 minutes, I saw a white woman smile at the baby when I went down another isle, and the mother was fine with it and they started conversing. I don’t know what the issue was, but I can’t help feeling it was because of me being black

Here’s another one I found on a facebook page I follow:

I am due to be married to a biracial man (half black/half white) next year (he proposed last month). I am black American and his white mother does not want him to be with a black woman. The first time meeting her, she was very rude and cold towards me. She flat out told me she couldn’t stand black women and that she used to always tell him nasty stereotypes about us as he was growing up. I was pretty shocked considering that she was married to a black man. My fiancée and his mother haven’t talked much after he called her out about the way she treated me. Now that we are planning the wedding, he said that he really didn’t want her to come. I am bothered by this because they were pretty close before he dated me. I am very family oriented and I still want her to be there. However, he insists that he doesn’t want any drama during our wedding and that he does not like to be told who he should be married to. Has anyone ever had family discourage them from dating a certain race despite being mixed with different races?

See this is the reason why Dr. Neely Fuller, Jr. (If you don’t know him, google him) warns us to STOP HAVING SEX WITH AND/OR ENGAGING IN SEXUAL ACTIVITY OR SEXUAL PLAY WITH WHITE PEOPLE, yet some Negro boys are so full of self-hate that it doesn’t matter that the white women they are engaging in sexual relations with ARE RACIST LIKE THEIR RACIST MALE COUNTERPARTS, having a white woman is all that matters. In addition, these idiot Negro boys are creating a race of people who most of them abandon after the “thrill” and lust of having a white woman wears off, these biracials will hate them and Black people, many if not most will be angry and confused, and love their white mothers and white people more, and create more division and chaos within the Black collective, yet these fools think they are winning. UTTER AND COMPLETE CHAOS, SELF-HATE IS A MOTHERFUCKER!

25 thoughts on “Some of the Many Reasons Why I Can’t Stand White Women and the Negro Men Who Date, Marry, and Procreate With Them

  1. Yes, girl! And it’s so deeply rooted! I remember my old hair stylist used to say “I could never sleep with the slave master’s son. And I don’t know how our brothers sleep with the slave master’s daughters!”

    I’m heterosexual but Black women are SO beautiful! Inside and out. Majestic even. I just don’t see the appeal of a white woman, physically or otherwise.

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    1. I see your point. White women are physically inferior to black women. For me to date a white woman would be a serious downgrade.

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    2. @Kelley

      Welcome to my blog! No one could EVER get me to understand why a black man would EVER choose a white woman over a black woman. We age verrry slowly, hell a lotta us don’t age much at all and then the skin, it just glows! It’s only the white supremacist programming that would make them do it. smdh

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      1. THANK YOU! That is why interracial couples [with a Black guy] almost always ‘cower’ when they see me or my sisters. They should be proud of their lady!
        Sade, Angela Bassett, Tina Turner, Naomi Campbell and Cicely Tyson just to name a few!! No surgery or injections needed!! How can you not want that??! So backwards


    3. RIIIIGGGHT, because every white man was a slave master and not a poor white that worked for the slave master as well. or a European indentured servant themselves. Or white person that did not endorse slavery, yah know, those who opposed slavery, or what about those Euro-Americans that did not live in Confederate / Slave owning states? How about the European descendants who’s families are more recent and did not have anything to do with slavery. Or the Canadian French Italian English or Irish?

      Just because someone is ‘white’ doesn’t mean they are ‘the slave masters’ son


      1. @Antonio Edge

        Here you go with the same ol tired argument that a lot whites (or their loyal negroes) give to absolve white people from either practicing or complying with the system of white supremacy.

        White indentured servants were not treated in the same inhumane way in which African American slaves were treated. They were not stripped of their culture, religion, language, customs, etc or separated from their families. There’s no comparison! ONLY A FEW white people fought against slavery (i.e. John Brown and a few other white abolitionist), the majority of white Americans was for slavery. White people in the south, north, east, west WERE NOT fighting against slavery. MOST northern whites did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help escaped slaves who fled to the north; they cooperated with the slave masters and slave patrols to capture escaped slaves to send them back into slavery. The French, Italians, English and Irish all had a part in the colonization of Africa. NO EUROPEAN COUNTRY DID NOT TURN DOWN A CHANCE TO COLONIZE AND OPPRESS AFRICANS THE WORLD OVER. Although Canada did not colonize any African nation, they did not say or do anything to help end the oppression of the Black Diaspora. Oh and click on this link to read this peace about how the Irish turned their backs on black Americans to become more assimilated with white america:

        So while it’s true that not all white people owned slaves, or lived in the confederacy,and some white people are descendants of the most “recent” European immigrants, or isn’t the slave masters son it does not change the fact that MOST WHITE PEOPLE SAY OR DO NOTHING TO ELIMINATE THE SYSTEM OF WHITE SUPREMACY!

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      2. I agree completely with TS’s response to you. From everything that was mentioned in the post and the other comments, this is all you take from it? I think you’re missing the much bigger picture.


    4. I also don’t see anything appealing in white women and I am a white male. I experience so much more sensual pleasure and intellectual connection with an assertive black women and it translates to the bedroom. This may be a double standard, but WMBF relationships usually come out of intense mutual desire, but BMWF often come from black mens insecurity about status and the materialistic white woman’s showing off a sex partner. And really, I have never seen a WMBF partnership with a trace of ‘slavemaster’ / obedient slave, and actually BFs are shamed by people like you stereotyping us WMs. But I don’t complain about white women and mixed babies, I just hope beautiful dark African women give me a chance!


  2. Great post TS. I understand your frustration. Dating/marrying whites will not destroy this racist system. They have tricked many of us into thinking that mating with whites is the cure all. That’s a huge lie. I have had white women flirt with me at parties and in the workplace. It amazes me how sexually aggressive they can be. They offer sex right from the start. They must be the biggest sluts in the world. Many of them just want to experiment sexually with black men. They just see us as a big black penis. They don’t see us as full human beings. I try my best to warn black men about their devious slutty ways.
    Some brothers won’t listen though. They are blinded by white beauty standards. They have been brainwashed since birth to see them as white pure innocence that can do no wrong.
    White women play on this fallacy of white superiority. I know it’s not easy for a man to turn down easy sex. You have to be strong willed to do so. But it must be done if we want real freedom. We can not keep breeding with these people. Biracial children just cause more confusion…..not a solution. We have to get rid of this slave mentality. Worshiping whiteness is a disease. Black love and self respect is the cure.

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    1. I just don’t trust their authenticity. They’re engaging brothers for the wrong reasons, as are Black men for dating/marrying/having sex with them. I agree that Black love and self respect is the cure.

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  3. How many of us are truly dedicated to the work of getting rid of our self-hatred?

    We, in the Black Diaspora, and especially in the Black ‘conscious’ community, fail to realize that this isn’t something you can ‘talk’ or philosophize away. Furthermore, we need to realize, this isn’t something you can do ‘casually’.

    So again, how many of us are really ”bout that work’?

    Whether it’s through chanting, meditating, visualization, or providing some other resource to rid ourselves of this hatred, it’s time we ‘walk our talk’ when it comes to the riddance of this white supremacist induced self-loathing.

    So let’s ALL get to work!

    Great post SISTA…As always, WRITE ON!

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    1. @Mimia

      “We, in the Black Diaspora, and especially in the Black ‘conscious’ community, fail to realize that this isn’t something you can ‘talk’ or philosophize away. Furthermore, we need to realize, this isn’t something you can do ‘casually’.”

      So Very True!

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  4. Hi I am new in your blogg and I agree everything you said!White women are one of the most ignorant women that I have ever seen! They are so blinded by their jealousy for black women who poison their mulatto children!When I see these couples, I don’t see love but only depravity!

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    1. @lewislay19892015

      Welcome! I agree. Relationships between white women and/or non-black WOC and Black Men most of the time are built on lust and the hatred of Black Women, no wonder these relationships have such a high divorce rate.


      1. Hi, thank you!
        I think that interracial marriages, especially those that occur with whites have ruined the black communities!These marriages didn’t lead to the benefit of nothing, in fact they created divisions and hatred among us!Today it seems that for blacks the most important thing are light skin,mixed children and good hair!Lord have mercy,please!

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      2. So how do you all feel about Latin and Black couples because I know of a lot, be it LM/BW or vice versa even same sex couples, and they always mesh well and seem very happy. I really don’t see a difference in how they love as to how BM/BW love. The struggle is one in the same and they seem to adapt well in Black communities. I know you said NON black and Latinos are part African, but they have a very strong tie to their culture which is very mixed in with their Indian roots as well. I’m sincerely curious as to how you view those relationships and families?


  5. @lewislay19892015

    My sentiments exactly! That’s why the white supremacist media promote IR because they know that these unions are of no benefit to the black community. As of late, IR seems to be causing more division among the already fragile relationships of the Black Woman/Black Male Collectives. I can’t get online at least one day on various blogs I follow without black women/girls declaring that “Black Men Don’t Like Black Women.” Many Black Women bloggers and readers are always discussing how Negro males and females, white women, white men, and everyone else in between is on social media daily degrading black women and girls. It’s out of control and NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is doing anything about it, not even the so-called black community.


    1. The blacks have ruined both in spirit and in body!
      They fail to realize that these pale faces have always had a pathological obsession for us from the time of slavery! Black men don’t think that white women have depraved desires for them, also black women don’t think that white men see them as Jezebel!
      I noted that the majority of black African Muslim men marry to black Muslim women, and they don’t want white women, perhaps they don’t consider them very religious and pure in spirit!
      The biggest problem for blacks is the Roman Catholic religion, praying in white churches to worship a white God does not save us from our problems!We are constantly conditioned to white brainwashing and appropriation of black culture is another problem! Black heritage is falling to white power!
      If the black community doesn’t want to do anything about this problem, because the majority of them want to sleep with the white master!

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  6. I’m a black male. Do you know what pisses me off. Black women who date and marry white men. It never ceases to amaze me how traitorous black women can some how control their weight, temper, male bashing, ball busting attitude and weed smoking. They can improve their dialect. They can blend well in mainstream suburbia. They seem to make themselves into what their white hero wants them to be. Yes, most black men pick from the bottom of the barrel in the interracial pond but white men have much more success finding productive black women. This grinds my ass to the bone.


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