We still have no friends…no matter how hard we seek them!

This is horrible, just horrible!!!! ALL African people are being attacked, but the attack on the African has stepped up tremendously in the last 10 years. African Women are experiencing this globally and it’s called misogynoir (anti-black misogny, hatred of Black Women).

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Earlier this week, social media was aghast with the image of some savages in India, beating up a defenseless Afrikan woman. Stories of Afrikan migrants directly from the continent, being assaulted by these subhuman animals is not a one off, but a constant occurrence not only for Afrikans recently emigrated to that foul country, but from centuries of hatred and violence against us. Often the violence appears consistently more insidious than the cave savages from Europe.

Bengaluru: Mob strips Tanzanian girl, torches her car as police watch

Yet just like kneegrows be sticking their faces up inside the assess and between the legs of the cave savages, we keep doing so with the savages from the Indian Subcontinent ( there must be a reason why yurugu named it so)

John Henrik Clark said it best….”We have no friends!”

And until those of us who are not lost , truly overstand…

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