Sandra Bland, Misogynoir, and the Angry Black Woman Narrative

                            Sandra Bland

In the last year, I’ve been studying and observing how black women and black girls suffer and experience sexism and misogyny from (too) many black men, (too) many other black women and girls, white people, and non-black people. Those of you who frequent my blog are familiar with me using the term misogynoir (anti-black misogyny toward black women and girls, specifically) coined by black feminist scholar Moya Bailey. I will be using that term a lot so get use to it, LOL.

Some of you may already assume that I am a feminist and or a womanist (a term coined by Alice Walker to describe black women’s unique feminist struggle separate from that of white women). No, I don’t call myself neither one, but I am aware that as a black woman in a anti-woman, anti-black white supremacist patriarchal society that I need to be REALLY concerned about the plight of the original black woman on this planet. This does not make me apathetic or unconcerned about the plight of the original black man or black people in general nor does it make me anti-black man (this is what a lot of black feminist/womanist and other black women (who are concerned or just make mention about the black woman’s plight) is accused of being by the so-called black community). I can be pro-black woman and pro-black man, which equals to being pro-black people at the same time.

I, like many black women who either agree with feminist and or womanist ideology from a black woman’s perspective or call oneself a feminist and or womanist DO NOT subscribe to the tenets of white mainstream feminism because we Overstand that with all the lip service white women give about all women being one “sisterhood” that they really could give 2 flying fucks about black women’s unique issues with women’s rights. Now with all that said I’m seeing that Sandra Bland’s tragic death may just start shedding more light on the black woman’s struggle with the intersecting oppressions of racism white supremacy, sexism, and misogyny (misogynoir). i say this because whenever there is discourse around black issues, black men are at the center as if other black people don’t exist (black women, black children, black gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people) are not affected and or cis hetero (straight black men who were born black men) black men are the only victims of racism white supremacy.  [Side Note: No, I don’t promote or condone homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism or transgenderism for black people, but these sisters and brothers are black too and my concern is about the welfare of ALL black people]. Many of us couldn’t be more tired. The so-called black community must start addressing the similar and unique issues of ALL black people. Moving on…..

“Expert” and personal opinions about what really happened to Sandra Bland are rife with racism white supremacy and misogynoir. The white supremacist media couldn’t wait until this sista was in the ground to start the “angry black woman” narrative. “Well, if she didn’t have an attitude, she would still be alive” is what they say to justify her death. To no surprise, you have the Negro defense attorneys among us who believe everything the media says is the gospel and have joined the white supremacist and suspected racist in trying to absolve “massa” of any wrong doing.  Sandra Bland was made out to be this “big black boogeywoman” the opposite of the “black boogeyman” caricature who was “threatening” to the white police officer whose bruised ego couldn’t take a black woman demanding that her rights no to be violated.To Encinia (whatever that crackkker name is) and the media she was just some black angry hostile beast who needed taming. Sandra had a right to be angry, any black person in their right mind would be angry at the history and the continuous and  increasingly constant domestic terrorism we’ve been experiencing in the last several years and since the first kidnapped Africans landed on these shores in 1619 . I’m angry as hell and I’m sooo sick and tired of this anti-black, anti-black people, anti-black man, anti-black woman country and society! R.I.P. Sandra.

5 thoughts on “Sandra Bland, Misogynoir, and the Angry Black Woman Narrative

  1. Sister you’re not a feminist, feminism does not belong to the black women!
    Shahrazad Ali talked about this 20 to 25 years ago about how Black women were following the feminist white woman instead of her man.
    White women will use us for our numbers, but at the end of the day they don’t care about us.
    I think sometimes people forget White women are part of white supremacy. Black women should understand the white women hate us just as much as the white men hate black men!
    If black men are too cowardly to defend black women from attacks by white supremacists I don’t know who will defend black women!
    The black communities must open their eyes not only to protect black men killer by white racist cops but also run in defense of black women!
    For 500 years, black women were raped, humiliated, insulted, mocked, beaten and this crap by black men who insult black women to love a white ass I don’t tolerate!
    I don’t tolerate that a woman like Sandra Bland was killed in an inhumane way, because this woman was killed! Here we don’t talk about suicide but murder!
    This islatest outrage of the abuse the body of black women doesn’t have end!
    Because as we have long since understood the lives of black women is worthless and our body doesn’t deserve respect!
    I am firmly convinced that someone denounced her for her video on white supremacy!
    Her murder, was happened after the publication of her videos on youtube, this woman was going to her new job in Texas!
    This was a well studied plan, those demons had the intention to kill her!
    Even today, the blacks don’t have right to speak, we don’t have the right to call these demons “satanic racist !” because their true nature is to be a satanic people! They are heartless and they don’t have idea what means respect, they kill us because they don’t like the color of our skin!
    They hate us sister! Yet many of us don’t want to understand! This is a race war and their intention is kill all us!

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