The Flag Comes DOOOWN!

As a young citizen of South Carolina I am proud to have witnessed the confederate flag  rag, a symbol of racism white supremacy be removed from the state house grounds at Columbia on this day, although it’s sad that it took the lost of 9 Black lives to finally get it removed. The battle to remove this flag has waged for decades (54 years). In 2000, the Black citizens of South Carolina and Blacks from around the country gathered at Columbia to protest and march for its removal. Moreover, the then Republican Gov. David Beasley supported the removal of the flag (which is why his political career ended) but all this yielded no results. The flag was removed from the top of the state house onto the grounds, which could be seen even better by both citizens and visitors.  The rag has cause the state to loose billions of dollars in economic and job opportunities.  Many believe (I do too) that this removal will give the state a clean slate as far as economics and jobs go, however, the rag still has its many supporters who continue to spout that it’s their “heritage” and will still find ways to obtain it, fly it, or showcase it in some other form (i.e., bumper stickers) on their personal property.That’s not going to change. Yes, it’s their “heritage,” the heritage of racism white supremacy. I’m glad it’s out of site (sort of; it being placed in a local museum). The struggle continues!

8 thoughts on “The Flag Comes DOOOWN!

  1. God post TS. I know a lot of our people are excited about this flag coming down. It’s a good thing….I guess. But many times our people don’t look at the BIG picture. Black people are too emotional and get caught up in symbolism. White folks know us too well. They know how to get us excited and give us false hope. Much like many thought when Obama was elected it change things for us. As you can see…nothing has changed for us. If anything it’s gotten worse. The same thing with this flag nonsense. You and I both know how white supremacy operates. You know these white folks are very strategic in their plans. They do nothing without planning it out to push their agenda. Is taking a flag down going to change racist whites? Will change the system? Will they all of a sudden love blacks now? I think you know the answer to those questions. If anything they will probably be more OVERTLY racist because they are getting rid of the symbols of racism. Black people need to get their THIRD EYE open!
    They are already trying to change history again by changing the books. What’s next? Slavery never happened? Or it wasn’t that bad? Watch these damn white folks!! You know how they do.

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    1. @KP
      You are correct. Black people get to optimistic when whites do “a little right” by us such as taking down the flag thinking that will bring about big change. The only time I will be REALLY, REALLY excited is when I see the SOR crumble (I hope to see it in my time).

      As far as the Texas textbook massacre, it is unfortunate that Texas children and children (especially black children) around the country will become even more MIS-educated about this country’s very racist, tragic, and ugly past. There’s enough kids out there as it is now that don’t know much about slavery or jim crow; that’s why it’s important that poc, especially black people teach our children our history ourselves!

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      1. Yes I agree. They really want to spread this mis-education to our people. They do it in films,tv shows and news. They want to rewrite history in the process. That’s why we need our own schools to educate our children. We can’t get hyped about this flag nonsense. I’m not falling for it.

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  2. it seems that KP said all that I myself was fixing to say. But I will say this also, black folks, do not fall for this paltry excuse of a historical event

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  3. @KP

    I’m not surprised at what kid rock said. He made some comments awhile back about he like skinny white women with big boobs instead of the beyonce types (like she gives a fuck). So he’s they typical white who just had a little jungle fever, fulfilled his fantasy with a naive black woman, and right back to his typical white ways of thinking and acting. smdh

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    1. Yeah he lived out his chocolate fantasy then he went back to what he always was. Just your typical redneck white boy.


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