#WhiteGirlsDoItBetter: Why White Women Remain One of Racism’s Most Slept On Weapons


Christopher Emanuel is a 25-year-old Black South Carolinian. Syracuse law professor, Kevin Noble Maillard, crafted a brilliant report on the gauntlet of legal obstacles Emanuel overcame to be recognized as the father and sole custodian of his daughter, Skylar. Emanuel was deliberately excluded from his child’s birth, falsely branded a shiftless sperm-donor disinterested in and ill-equipped for fatherhood, and nearly stripped of his paternal rights.

This Black dad’s nemesis wasn’t his state’s recently banished Confederate flag. It was his daughter’s white mother and white grandmother, who ultimately lost their parental rights while a South Carolina judge condemned their campaign of treachery and racism to steal a Black child.

This is not our conventional notion of white supremacy. The enemy of Black people is habitually reduced to “the man.”

However, there would be no racist white man, without a racist white woman.

From Jim Crow legislation, to Black castration, editor and journalist, Chloe Angyal, correctly acknowledged that blubbering white women have prompted untold incidents of white terror. But her assessment is incomplete. White women are equally proficient as weeping victims of alleged “negro” mischief or aggressive, violent ambassadors of white power. Contrary to the rubric of white patriarchy, white women are equal co-conspirators in the devaluation of Black life.

The crescendo of rage in response to police abuse of Black citizens has consistently highlighted transgressions of white male officers. Although slim in numbers, white women help hold the blue line. In July of 2014, Seattle police officer Cynthia Whitlatch arrested a 70-year-old Black military veteran for supposedly swinging a golf club at her. The dashcam provided no evidence to support her claim and the department ultimately dismissed the charges and apologized for the arrest.

Following Whitlatch’s alleged racial profiling of an elderly Black veteran, she employed social media to broadcast her disgust with Black people who “think white people are out to get them.” The Stranger’s Ansel Herz reports that Whitlatch is accused of habitually classifying the Black citizens she was hired to protect and serve as “n-ggers”— she’s been on paid leave since January of this year. Like the white male killers of Tamir Rice, Michael Brown Jr. and Eric Garner, Whitlatch has not been fired.

Few white women brandish police shields, but all white females and males are expected to enforce white supremacy, monitor and abuse Black people.

Decades of feminism have not extinguished white women’s antagonism towards Black females. White females routinely malign entertainment mogul Shonda Rhimes and FLOTUS Michelle Obama as “angry Black women.” So imagine what white female teachers think of Black girls?

If white women are underrepresented in the field of law enforcement, they compensate with overrepresentation in the early stages of the school-to-prison pipeline. It’s estimated that white women comprise 63 percent of K-12 teachers in the United States. So when the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles documents that “African-American students are three times more likely to be suspended than whites,” that’s not “the man.”

The accusatory white woman who incited lynch mobs and genital mutilation is not extinct. She now flings allegations and suspensions in the classroom. Sabotaging the academic genius of Black students is an act of genocide. Educational psychologist Dr. Jamilia Blake documents teachers’ debilitating perception of Black girls and boys as threatening, unsophisticated and defiant. In Unsettling Whiteness, Dr. Lucy Michael writes that white women are central to the criminalization of Black students because they are “not blind to their own cultural practices, but deeply committed to them.”

“Deeply committed” white women of McKinney, Texas instigated the racial melee that introduced the nation to CNN’s “Best Place to Live.” Officer Eric Casebolt, who has since resigned, assaulted and violated a 15-year-old Black girl in a bikini. But a white female duo was the root of the conflict.

Eyewitnesses confirmed a pair of white women “made racist comments” and violently double-teamed a black female child prior to Casebolt’s appearance. These women weren’t arrested or charged, nor did they require white manhood to launch a terrorist attack. Days later, Andrew Guilford and his Black male comrades were bamboozled by an equally devastating claims by a woman. Guilford and other three black men were tossed to the ground and shackled by McKinney’s finest. No arrests were made, no weapons were found, but officers justified their detainment because a white “woman called claiming one of the [Black] men was going to shoot her and police.”

As for rallying white goons eager to pounce on and terminate Black lives, unquestionably, #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter. But women like Lake County, Fla.’s Lisa Elberson illustrate that white women are not confined to the pedestal of fragile, sanctified femininity. They’re equally proficient as aggressive, violent ambassadors of white power. Elberson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery and child abuse after she was recorded terrorizing a group of black children—threatening them with a baseball bat while calling them “n-ggers.” Elberson publicly rebuked the notion of racial lynchings as white men’s work. She told the children, “I’ll hang your family from my tree.”

Cliché assessments of white women’s purported inclination towards frailty and vulnerability impair our understanding of and defense against the maliciousness of Elberson, and other racist white women.

Former Florida State Seminole quarterback De’Andre Johnson’s collegiate playing career was sacked by an altercation with a 21-year-old white woman. Johnson consoled his distraught Black mother, Pamela Jones, as he apologized for striking the woman and acknowledged that he should have walked away. He’s facing misdemeanor battery charges. Yet even Sean Hannity of FOX News was compelled to remind prosecuting attorney William Meggs that the footage reveals the White woman struck first. Additionally, she’s accused of spewing racial insults and striking Johnson in the groin before his retaliatory response. Her record and reputation remain, unblemished and white.

Tears or talons, they’re lethally proficient.

North Carolina’s unresolved deaths of Jonathan Ferrell and Lenon Lacy have the fingerprints of a racist woman. Lacy, 17, was found hanging from a swing set in the summer of 2014. His death was ruled a suicide, but Nick Fagge reported that Lacy’s 31-year-old “white girlfriend… says she believes their relationship led to his murder.” She had been warned not to date Black males in “Crackertown.”

Ferrell crashed his vehicle on a late summer evening in the summer of 2013. Unfortunately, he asked a white woman for help. She reported a prowler, and one of the responding officers, Randall Kerrick, needed a dozens bullets to suppress Ferrell. Kerrick’s manslaughter trial begins July 20.

Source: http://atlantablackstar.com/2015/07/15/whitegirlsdoitbetter-white-women-remain-one-racisms-slept-weapons/

I Want A White Lover!

Here, here! The IR propaganda is getting so bad that they are pairing black gays and lesbians (don’t support homosexuality) with white gays and lesbians. God Damn Amerikkka!



I want a white lover
so we can mix our blood
and destroy my people
like Noah’s flood.

I want a white lover.
I don’t care about me
or the fact that our children
won’t know their history.

I want a white lover
in my bed tonight.
I’m hungry for his love
and it feels so right.

I want a white lover;
a Black man won’t do.
I need a white man
to prove my worth; my value.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Now, I believe that my readers are smart enough to read between the lines and to know the true meaning of this poem. This poem was written because as I stated earlier in another poem of mine, I have been sitting back quietly watching the shit hit the fan. I noticed how all hell broke loose when Beyoncé Knowles put on a Super…

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A Sista Speaks Very Candidly on Non-Black People of Color, Anti-Blackness, and Black History Month


From Only Black Girl, Tumblr

February 4, 2016

Non-black pocs just out here to remind us that it ain’t only white people who hate us and are anti-black. They hate us too. All that POC solidarity is bullshit.

Anytime something for black folks comes round, non-black pocs the first to come outta nowhere and complain. “Where is ours, what about us?”

NB POCS ain’t said shit about heritage months till it’s black history month. NB POCS complaining about lack of representation that ain’t even there. Ain’t black people’s fault y’all hoes ain’t out here reppin yourselves and don’t even know when your own heritage months are lmao. How black people know when YOUR heritage months are but you don’t? What kinda shit is that? LMFAO.

NB POCS out here actin like black history month was some cute gift white people happily gave us. Failing to realize that black people started and fought 30 years for this shit. That black people rallied and demanded we have this shit. That we didn’t take no for an answer. That we demanded it be taught in school. That black people seem to do better and getting out shit together and making shit happen. And we still got thrown the bare minimum from white people
It is not our fault that your people ain’t doing the same for you. Ain’t shit stopping you from demanding the same representation we did, you just have to care enough and get off you lazy ass to do it. Not sit around waiting for black people to fight your fight for you.

Like shut the fuck up. If you wasn’t complaining about it in January, the fuck you complaining about it now for? I’ve deadass seen more pocs complaining about BHM than white people. BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRONTMEN. DO YOUR OWN WORK. FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES. RALLY YOUR OWN GOTDAHM PEOPLE. The fuck black people need to assume that responsibility for? Like we ain’t got our own shit to worry about and like we haven’t ALWAYS shown up and support the fuck outta all y’all bitches when the time comes.

All y’all ashy bitter non-black pocs can suck on my black ass clit for black history month.

Can You Black Men PUH-LEEZE Keep Black Women Out Ya Beefs

I’m glad Amber clapped back and his ass is being dragged. It time we call out this misogynistic, colorist piece of shit!

Black Millennials

“That’s why I fucked your bitch, you fat muthafucka!”

This was Tupac’s opening lyric in one of the most notorious diss records in hip hop history, “Hit ‘Em Up.” Considered an iconic staple in hip hop culture, the song was a brutal takedown of East Coast rival Biggie Smalls. The line referred to then wife Faith Evans, a Black songstress whose vocals revolutionized modern R&B.

As much as I love Tupac, his usage of misogynoir to smear a Black man is a bloodcurdling and longstanding reminder that, in hip hop culture, Black women are often the vehicles with which Black men attack one another.

50 Cent’s beef with Rick Ross highlights this vicious motif. The Queens born rapper was ordered to pay the mother of Rick Ross’ child,Lastonia Leviston, an estimated $5 – 7 million after he released a sex tape in an effort to humiliate her, and by extension…

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My Take on the 2016 All-White Oscar Nominations…

Great Post! I didn’t pay this #oscars so white conversation absolutely no attention, Same gripe, a new year. I’m tired of Black People complaining about not receiving white validation from these award events instead of getting together and forming our own production companies and movie studios and black media. We have the NAACP Image Awards, the BET Awards among others but that’s nothing, gotta get gotta have that white validation.

Racism Is White Supremacy

In light of the recent Oscar controversy, where the 20 Oscar nominees for top acting awards were all white, I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Hollywood is a satanic cult
  2. Black (and white) entertainers who make it to the “top” are mired neck deep in this cult and have paid some unspeakable price for their fame
  3. Entertainers are the worst possible role models for black children. Most stand for NOTHING and in fact, promote deception in the form of anti-blackness.
  4. Whenever they are given a “mike” in the white supremacist media they are doing the bidding of their bosses (white supremacists) — no matter what it looks like.
  5. Black people should not treat these entertainers as though they have any more significance than a movie or song that we like. Once it is over, move on to more important things. We need to stop counting their money and houses…

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The Desperate Prevention of the Rise of the Black Messiah

THIS!!!! The Anti-Black Woman Propaganda and psychological assaults are at an all time high. Not only that, we’re seeing more and more Black Women being physically harmed. The collective state of Black Women and girls are getting worse and we have no one defending us…..but ourselves and a few others.


It has always been about the black woman.

The rancid, pulse pounding, sweaty, tossing and turning Fear of Mother Earth.

Why do you think Evil has created every obstacle to keep her isolated, downtrodden, desperate, ignorant, uneducated, powerless, barren and ever wanting for love and affection? Why do you think ALL attempts are being made at keeping the black man as far away from her as possible?

You ONLY attack someone to such a degree because you fear them.

White supremacy knows that we, black women, are the Last Stand to their regime. That’s why stealth attacks are coming in all different directions.

Like subliminal programming:

And psychological warfare from our own people who serve white supremacy:

And a direct hit that causes brain damage…if you live. Like lead poisoning:

Or land theft:

Or my favourite, Spiritual Warfare:

You MUST attack the black woman at EVERY opportunity, in EVERY way…

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