A Sista Speaks Very Candidly on Non-Black People of Color, Anti-Blackness, and Black History Month


From Only Black Girl, Tumblr

February 4, 2016

Non-black pocs just out here to remind us that it ain’t only white people who hate us and are anti-black. They hate us too. All that POC solidarity is bullshit.

Anytime something for black folks comes round, non-black pocs the first to come outta nowhere and complain. “Where is ours, what about us?”

NB POCS ain’t said shit about heritage months till it’s black history month. NB POCS complaining about lack of representation that ain’t even there. Ain’t black people’s fault y’all hoes ain’t out here reppin yourselves and don’t even know when your own heritage months are lmao. How black people know when YOUR heritage months are but you don’t? What kinda shit is that? LMFAO.

NB POCS out here actin like black history month was some cute gift white people happily gave us. Failing to realize that black people started and fought 30 years for this shit. That black people rallied and demanded we have this shit. That we didn’t take no for an answer. That we demanded it be taught in school. That black people seem to do better and getting out shit together and making shit happen. And we still got thrown the bare minimum from white people
It is not our fault that your people ain’t doing the same for you. Ain’t shit stopping you from demanding the same representation we did, you just have to care enough and get off you lazy ass to do it. Not sit around waiting for black people to fight your fight for you.

Like shut the fuck up. If you wasn’t complaining about it in January, the fuck you complaining about it now for? I’ve deadass seen more pocs complaining about BHM than white people. BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR FRONTMEN. DO YOUR OWN WORK. FIGHT YOUR OWN BATTLES. RALLY YOUR OWN GOTDAHM PEOPLE. The fuck black people need to assume that responsibility for? Like we ain’t got our own shit to worry about and like we haven’t ALWAYS shown up and support the fuck outta all y’all bitches when the time comes.

All y’all ashy bitter non-black pocs can suck on my black ass clit for black history month.

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