Some Startling Statistics (Are We Really That Surprised Though) On The Plight Of Anti-Black Black Men and White/Non-Black Women’s Abandoned Bi-Racial Children *smfh*

In my spare time, I like to lurk around the blogosphere to see what people are talking about, even those I do not follow or agree with (most of the time). I just happen to stumble upon Evia Moore, a BWE (Black Women Empowerment) Blogger who posted the following journal article about some startling statistics (I’m not  really that surprised) about self-hating black men’s and non-black women’s  bi-racial children making up a large percentage of the U.S. foster care system and how she says their attempt to pin this mess on Black Women:


“There’s a new Okey Doke floating around that is attempting to blame bw (sigh) for the blighted lives of the increasing number of black-whiter biracial children who end up in the social services pipeline. Someone just sent me the real deal–the stats on this, and bw, y’all need to circulate these stats far and wide to set the record straight.

These are not Black WOMEN’s children. Bw are in no way responsible for what’s happening to these children! These are overwhelmingly the children of African American men and their white girlfriends, white female hook-ups, or white baby-mamas, though some of the mothers are Hispanics or Asian.

There are a lot of these unfortunate black-whiter biracial children now in the social services pipeline and their numbers are growing by the day, but since those black males and their supporters who have created an industry on social media out of denigrating bw can’t make these children disappear, they are now claiming that these are the children of black women and white men. LOL!”


As this research shows: These are overwhelmingly the children of African American men and their bamboozled whiter (white-skinned) women partners.

I’m calling these women “bamboozled” just like I do bw who mingle with men of this sort because NO woman I’ve ever encountered, known, read about, or heard of would even mingle with this type of man in the first place if she hadn’t been somehow duped. 99.999% of all women want the same things from a man. They want to be loved, validated, accepted, protected, and thought of as somehow special to that man. And men of this sort know that.

There is another aspect of this that makes some of these minglings especially problematic. Some African American males woo whiter women by spreading lies about bw, telling ww how horrible and unfit bw are, thus denigrating the AA woman in order to elevate the whiter woman and make her feel special. Playing on human psychology, they know that most women want to feel prettier and more desirable than the next woman. The whiter woman has no idea that she is being conned until she, too, and her children, just like many AA women, end up headed for or in the social services pipeline–used, abused, and abandoned.

As usual, the children are the worst victims! Whereas, some of the whiter mothers may be able to dust themselves off and go on with their lives, the children are usually stuck.

Anyway–here’s the info. Be sure to spread it and set the record straight BEFORE these negative statistics are pinned on black WOMEN.”

From Evia’s Blog

Ninety Two Percent: Examining the Birth Trends, Family Structure, Economic Standing, Paternal Relationships, and Emotional Stability of Biracial Children with African American Fathers

Tiffany N. Calloway


June 2, 2015


This study examines the birth trends, family structure, economic standing, paternal relationships, and emotional stability of biracial children with African American fathers. For study implementation quantitative research methods were used. Questions were asked through a questionnaire that was administered to 1000 women spanning the united States that were equally ranging from 3 different racial groups; Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic. Participants were recruited through the internet, radio, and news. This study finds that 92% of biracial children with African American fathers are born out of wedlock and 82% end up on government assistance. The results of this study make it very clear that biracial children with African American fathers are fatherless on a scale much larger than the public may realize.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 12

Keywords: Biracial, out of wedlock, fatherless, black fathers, interracial

Sources:(Links to the abstract and the entire paper)


I agree with Evia on  this one that this should be spread far and wide, since everything that is wrong in the so-called Black Community is often blamed on Black Women instead of racism white supremacy,  (too) many Black Men’s anti-blackness/self-hate (internalized racism) and anti-black misogyny (misogynoir), and racist anti-black misogynist white/non-black women. It’s time the Black Community start seriously addressing this EPIC messiness. We’re sick of it! 

9 thoughts on “Some Startling Statistics (Are We Really That Surprised Though) On The Plight Of Anti-Black Black Men and White/Non-Black Women’s Abandoned Bi-Racial Children *smfh*

  1. I cannot believe they are trying to blame Black women for this. oh no, wait a minute, yes I can. I swear, if I didn’t know any better I’d say Black women are like the Jesus of the Bible- always the one getting publicly humiliated and blamed -by their own people, no less- for the community’s fu*k ups. These stats aren’t surprising in the least. One just has to look at biracial celebrities who grew up without their Black fathers (J.Cole. Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry) to see that absent fatherhood does not magically go away because of the non-Blackness of the vagina. Absentee fathering is a male issue-Black, White, or otherwise. Many men believe they are owed children- whether they stick around or not-and these absent fathers seem to think they’re too fabulous, too cool, and too “special” to be an involved parent. Like they’re somehow above it-yet they aren’t out there producing anything substantial that comes close to even “justifying” their absence in the least. It’s egoism and selfishness, plain and simple. We live in a culture that lets their absenteeism slide but would never forgive a mother for abandoning her children. So either men do better or we need to decide that fathers aren’t important (sounds harsh but so is abandoning your children) and create a new family structure that is strong and supportive without them-which means not crapping on single mothers or treating OOW babies like unwanted burdens to be “dealt” with. There’s no in between. Well, there is but clearly it’s utter chaos.

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  2. This is the typical way that Black men have elected to father children….from afar. Many will say that they grew up without their father and feel comfortable abandoning their Black or biracial offspring. I see too many women of all races with a Black child on their hip or in a stroller, lamenting about the absence of the child’s father. He is not around, he is not paying child support, he just up & left. There is no one to blame but the man that made the choice, to not be in their child’s’ life.

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    1. Save for the generalizing, I will say that yes far too many Black Men are neglecting and abandoning their Black and bi-racial children and there is NO EXCUSE for it. They continue to make these excuses because the Black “community” let this behavior continue to slide and place total blame on the black mothers. I talked about this in more detail in this post:

      As far as non-black women are concerned I don’t feel to sorry for them because a lot of them hook-up/partner up with these self-hating coons to feel superior to Black Women not because they “love tha brothas” so much as a lot of these coons so naively believe. smfh

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  3. The black women who continue to ride for and defend the behavior of these sexually irresponsible black males are the ones who actually can be blamed here to some degree. I say this because they continue to make excuses for this abhorrent behavior on the part of black males instead of condemning it. They continue to engage in protecting and defending the very black males that don’t give a damn about them. Instead of shunning their sons as they engage in womanizing, they instead see them as princes that can do no wrong and blame the women that their son is using and abusing instead.

    The behavior will not stop if black women on the whole do not put their collective foot down and say no more. There are far too many young black women who are so busy trying to validate this “hood mentality” as if its viable, when it isn’t, that they are fostering a climate that deems this insane behavior on the part of black males as valid. The same holds true for black women who continue to push religious patriarchy and overall patriarchy and the male superiority stupidity that comes with it, as a supposed guide to how black people should be. That has to cease immediately if even a dent is going to be made in this situation. These children are still black children and they will be the ones to suffer if this behavior continues. Black women never should be blamed for the behavior of black males. They do however have to stop fostering and sustaining it.

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    1. “Instead of shunning their sons as they engage in womanizing, they instead see them as princes that can do no wrong and blame the women that their son is using and abusing instead.”
      Slow clap and a toast! Nailed it!

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  4. These statistics are shameful and horrible. It is sad many of these biracial children get caught up in this mess. Unfortunately, I see so many Black and non Black women strolling around Black man’s children around town, all by themselves. This is a sad sight for me to see.

    When I was on online forums, I saw many Black males blaming Black women for this dysfunction. It doesn’t make sense to me because these biracial children aren’t Black women’s children. I see Black women are raising their full Black(sometimes biracial)children all by themselves. It is a pity that some of these men rather blame Black woman than take responsibility for their own actions.

    Overall, I think the motive behind these actions is self hate and lack of knowledge of self.

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