Cosby, the Cosby Show and the Ebony Cover



It’s practically a full year since the public was reminded of Bill Cosby’s horrendous rape allegations via a comedy routine by Hannibal Burress. I’d say it’s a done deal that his sterling silver reputation is unsalvageable as it seems that every new month or so, one or two more accusers emerge to say that the puddin’ pop authority and respectable politics advocate raped them.

Recently, it’s been made abundantly clear how far the Cos has fallen as Ebony’s recent issue’s cover displays a shattered image of the cast of the beloved Cosby Show with a huge hole over Cosby’s face. The cover alone has caused quite a stir on and offline. Half the people support the cover, while the other half is disgusted by it as they still believe that Cosby is the innocent victim in all this. And the ones who are at fault, according to them, are the 50-plus…

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5 thoughts on “Cosby, the Cosby Show and the Ebony Cover

  1. The media has brilliantly twisted this to where the masses don’t know what to believe. I do find it hard to separate him from his character, but that doesn’t erase the greatness and influence of The Cosby Show. This cover is so unnecessary.


  2. What’s happening to Bill Cosby is the type of thing that happens to a people when only one side of the story is being told from a skewed angle without deeper and critical oppositional questioning of the supposed victims.

    The danger being that whites are in control of these instruments (media, print and otherwise) and can build you up as quickly as they can tear you down without ever being confronted or getting to the core of some of these issues. I’m not a fan of Bill Cosby. But for instance, why didn’t these women report these incidents of rape immediately after it happened?

    No one knows for certain except the people involved, perhaps some of it was in fact consensual. We will never know for certain because we are only getting the corporate media’s side of the issues. I guess when it’s a black man who has been financially successful, the statute if limitations doesn’t matter.


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