A Black Woman Got An important Message For Non-Black Women

“It’s really telling how white girls (and non-black women) aren’t offended by the “Why white )non-blk) girls are better than black girls” comments. Like they’re insulting you too. They’re dehumanzing you too. I thought you all wanted female solidarity. But some of you are nowhere to be found when some black men or men period are placing you all above black women, even if they’re reducing you to dick warmers and doormats. I guess all of that solidarity talk goes out the window as long as you can stay”-Black Woman Blogger On Tumblr

A Great Comment About Malcolm X


“Malcolm X was shot by a black person so he must have not been that influential in the black community unlike Martin Luther King who was shot by a white man!”

I was literally told this about a year or two ago. Malcolm X was a black man who never kissed up to black people just because they supported his words on white supremacy and black liberation. He never pretended black people were free of problematic and inclusive behavior. He never ignored intraracism, misogynoir, or his light-skinned privilege. And when he did display such sentiments, he ended up becoming more well-rounded later on. This was a man who spent time calling blacks out on their anti-blackness and colorism. This was someone who denounced his party in his last years, making many black people within it angry. If you think all black people have to “love” you to be influential and productive in the black community, you’re so naive.”Black Woman Blogger On Tumblr

Black People Can’t Have A Freaking Movement Without In-Fighting and Divisiveness *smdh*

In the last year, I have been studying the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and studying and observing the current Black Lives Matter Movement and I have found a disturbing pattern………..BLACK PEOPLE ARE STILL NOT TRULY UNIFIED WITHIN HUMAN/CIVIL RIGHTS/BLACK POWER MOVEMENTS ALTHOUGH PERPETRATING A FRAUD LIKE WE ARE. History is surely repeating itself once again. Many of us are still engaging in petty divisions while were are supposed to be fighting the ultimate war against racism white supremacy. It’s Black Men vs. Black Women, Black LGBQT People vs. Black Heterosexual People, Light-skinned Black People vs. Dark-skinned Black People, Black Nationalist vs. Black Feminist/Womanist, Black Rich/Wealthy vs. Black Middle Class vs. Black Working Poor, Black Religious People vs. Black Atheist, Christian vs. Muslim, Baby Daddies vs. Baby Mammas and so on and so forth. It’s just really a sad and pathetic sight to witness not to mention tiring. Fighting white supremacy racism and it byproducts (i.e. colorism, misogynoir, classism, ableism) while warring among ourselves. It just don’t get any worse than that now does it? 

Let’s take a look at the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The biggest division  during that period was the infamous Black Men vs. Black Women gender wars. Sexism, misogyny, and colorism was all up and through, up and down, and all around the movement. Misogynoir at the March on Washington, Misogynoir in the Black Panther Party and even today Misogynoir going on in Ferguson. Don’t believe it, google sexism and misogyny in the civil rights movement. You will find many accounts (too many to name in this post) in books and articles from Black Men and Women about how this sad situation played out. Many of the Black male prominent (and non-prominent) leaders and activist were very egotistical, colorist, sexist, and misogynoiristic toward Black Women. For example, Dr. King did not allow women in leadership positions within his organizations and Huey P. Newton and other Black Panther men treated  women in the organization like second-class citizens (and mere sidekicks, not allies), workhorses and mammy mules. Black Panther men also physically and sexually abusive the Panther women. Misogynoir destroyed the BPP (Black Panther Party).

Moreover, the female face of the movement had to be a light-skinned “Redbone.” For example, On March 2, 1955, Claudette Colvin, who was 15 at the time refused to give up her Montgomery Alabama bus seat to a white woman nine months before Rosa Parks refused her seat to a white man. Civil rights leaders threw her under the bus because she was not in her words”light-skinned, with “good hair” and middle class.” In addition, some of these men were not really interested in truly eliminating racism white supremacy to begin with. They had their own agendas, such as one-upping (competing) with the white man (i.e., waiting for a chance at bedding white men’s mothers, sisters and daughters), not really wanting “Black Power” but wanting a taste power of the of the “white male patriarchal kind”, and or just out to fill their pockets under the guise of “Black Power” and “Black Unity”. 

These men were  shouting with fist in the air ” Fighting the White Man” “Black Unity” and “Black Power” while practicing sexism, misogynoir and colorism just like the very white men they were supposedly fighting against. Unfortunately, this is why some (a minority to be exact) of  Black Women within the movement naively joined (out of anger and disappointment/disillusionment) white feminist circles only to find out that while the white feminist were giving lip service about “sisterhood” they didn’t really give a shit about the Black Woman’s TRIPLE struggle against racism white supremacy, sexism and misogyny, and colorism. So while many Black male leaders and activist were “fighting” white supremacy they were being sexist, misogynistic and colorist toward Black Women and focusing ONLY on the Black Man’s plight while ignoring the Black Woman’s plight against not only racism white supremacy but sexism (from everybody), misogynoir (from everybody) and colorism (especially the dark-skinned Black Woman from other black people) while white feminsts were talking about “sisterhood” but ignored their own anti-black racism, anti-black sexism and misogyny toward Black Women and how these three oppressions intersect for Black Women. Black Women just  felt disregarded, ignored and neglected by both parties. Again, this is why Huey P. Newton’s ex- girlfriend, Elaine Brown and other women of the Black Power Movement became feminist; misogynoir within the BPM (Black Power Movement) and the hypocrisy of white feminism gave rise to Black Feminism/Black Womanism. Yes, with the  research available, I couldn’t help but come to this conclusion.

Moving on to today, the same ish is still playing out except there’s more divisions. You have self-hating Black males on social media with Black Lives Matter as their screen names talking about “Black Power” “Black Unity” and “Fighting White Supremacy” while  practicing colorism and misogynoir against Black Women and Girls; calling sistas (especially our dark-skinned sistas) “thots” “basic bitches” “hos” “roaches” and other dehumanizing names just like the racist white men they are supposedly “fighting” against while some self-hating Black Women and Girls starving for the attention and approval of these self-hating males laugh and co-sign what they are saying aka Tommy Sotomayor. Then you have internalized misogyniorist Black Women hating other Black Women because of the way they look, act, dress or speak. These same women call other Black Women (especially dark-skinned sistas) “rachet” “ho” “ugly” “roaches” and other disgusting dehumanizing names. These internalized misogynist Black Women tell us woke Black Women to “stop complaining” because even they ignore and don’t give a damn about their own plight with racism white supremacy, sexism, misogynoir and colorism to protect self-hating black males from the white gaze at the expense of other Black Women and Girls.

Some  Black Men and Women are  classist and ableist toward  Black People who are poor, “ghetto,” disabled or special needs. “Ghetto” Black People are seen as a disgrace to the race then hit up with respectability politics cause these Rich or middle class “uppity” Negroes  want to look good in front of the white man (when NO Black Person WILL NEVER look good or WILL BE acceptable in the eyes of white people). Some “ghetto” Black People won’t except help from those middle class Blacks who truly want to help them make it by screamin “You think you better than me!” Lol. Some Black Nationalist are STILL blaming Black Feminist for “destroying” the Black Family instead of the System of Racism White supremacy while some Black Feminist are accusing ALL Black Nationalist of being “fake hoteps.” 

Moreover, Black Women are holding up “Black Women Matter Too” signs cause the so-called Black Community ignores the fact that Black Women and Girls are murdered by policeman just as much as Black Men and Boys are as well the Black Women and Girls who are murdered at the hands of as other Black People. Furthermore, this is the reason why the Say Her Name Campaign Movement was started. How many Black People Can Name at Least 10-15 Black Women and Girls murdered by law enforcement? Having to start movements within a movement tells you right their that WE ARE NOT ON THE SAME PAGE. It’s a dayum shame.  Then there are the Black LGBQT People who are also holding up “LGBQT Lives Matters Too” signs. Their gripe is that the Black Hetero (especially cis hetero Black Men) People ignores the murders of Black LGBQT People at the hands of BOTH Whites and Blacks. One sad fact is that Black Trans people have a life expectancy of 35 years! Black LGBQT People ARE NOT  EXEMPT from white supremacy racism or violence either.

All of this division is prompting some Black people to ask “Just Which Black Lives Matter?” Black Lives Matters=ALL Black Lives Matter. When we say that we have to mean it, despite disagreeing with the way some Black People choose to live their lives. Many of us really don’t believe that ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER. NO Black Person should be holding up signs saying (you fill in the blank) ” ______Lives Matter Too.” ONE BLACK LIFE IS NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE OTHER.Yet, we want whites and non-black poc to take us seriously!?! Really!?! Sadly, even some Black People state that this movement ( including the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s) is a farce or a joke because of so much hypocrisy and divisiveness. I could go on for days, but yall see what I’m sayin. 

Black People of different skin tones, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc ALL say we want to be rid of the oppressive tyrannical system of racism white supremacy, yet we can’t  set aside our differences for the life of us. Black People must come to SOME TYPE OF COMMON GROUND, FOR ONE COMMON CAUSE, TO ELIMINATE THE SYSTEM OF RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY and get some self-love, respect, and dignity if we really are serious about getting the message across that our lives matter and replace the system of racism white supremacy with a system of justice………and deal with all the other issues after that. Bottomline!!!