The Rise and Fall of Iggy Azalea

I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all, lol.

Black Millennials

T.I. has finally parted wayswith his breakout star.What took him so long?

In 2011, when radio and television personality Charlamagne Tha God said that Iggy Azalea — then a fresh off the success of “Pussy” — was gonna be a star, I scoffed. Where he saw potential, I saw an explicit marketing ploy with little sustainability or long term success.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 11.33.40 PM Iggy Azalea featured on the venerable XXL Freshman cover (2012) I saw the gentrification of hip hop where white artists with some edge would be pushed before audiences before the audience pushed back. I saw cultural appropriation and cooptation, inauthenticity, and an obvious — if not desperate — attempt to turn a quick profit.

While I was clear in my interpretation of the Australian born rapper, others were not.

“Fancy,” her record breaking single, dominated airwaves in 2014. Clear Channel, the biggest radio outlet in the country, included her in…

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7 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Iggy Azalea

  1. I can’t stand this no talent tramp. She is an imitation black woman. And a bad imitation at that. I also don’t think her ass is real. These white chicks think they can get lip injections, a fake butt and a black boyfriend and magically they are honorary black women. Give me a damn break! I’m sick of all of them! The trashy Kardashians,Ice T’s slutty wife Coco and Iggy. I wish they would all go crawl into a hole and disappear. The world would be better off and no one would miss them. I sure as hell wouldn’

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    1. I co sign 100%. I’m still lost as to why T.I. stopped working with Iggy. There’s really no details in this and other articles of T.I. going into great detail as to why. *smh* I think that there’s more to it than is being said. I said all of this cause T.I. was such an staunch Iggy supporter; he defended this pale degenerate moreso than his own wife. However, we all knew she wouldn’t last any way, lol.

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    1. She’s always been a joke. Everytime I would hear her rap/sing I just smh and wonder what did some of these negros saw in this degenerate. I know, white skin. That’s all that mattered to them.


  2. about time this bitch bit the dust. I always though of her as a 5th rate knock off of Nikki Minaj. Another thing, my pet rat can rap better than that fake-ass tramp

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