Have You Noticed Whenever Black Males “Crossover” in Hollywood Films…

Racism Is White Supremacy

Furious 7 movie image BM no BW(Count ’em — four black males, one white male, one white female, one hispanic female, zero black females)

Have you noticed that whenever black males “crossover” in Hollywood films that black females are usually absent? At best we may be background noise but never women of any importance or substance.

Actors like Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Lawrence Fishburne, Will Smith, Danny Glover, Cuba Gooding are almost NEVER paired with a black female especially if that black male is an attractive, smart, brave, educated professional male.

The black male actor is almost always engaged in saving white girls, white females or white humanity. The black male actor — with a tiny number of exceptions — is NEVER engaged in saving black girls, black children, black women, or black humanity in general.

The list of these movies is FAR  too long for me to attempt that here but suffice…

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