15 thoughts on “Mixed babies will end racism??? Who believes this nonsense?

  1. As black Brazilian woman my blood is boiling for the nervous to read this article!
    I would never, ever have argument with as self-hatred black people about mixed race babies with white people! I live in UK and here I can not tell you how many mixed babies I see everyday and I can only shake my head when I see them!
    Their intent is to cleanse and uproot our presence from the face of the Earth! Because for them it is easier to interact if the person they have in front of them, has the skin color lighter!

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    1. It’s really bad in Brazil from what I’ve heard. It’s not different in America or the UK. This hatred is damn near everywhere!! It’s really sick!

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      1. I’ve been following Black Woman of Brazil’s Blog for awhile now and it’s really opened my eyes to how successful the white supremacist programming has been. It’s sooooo depressing to read; it could bring you to tears. Yes sir, self hatred is a mutha!

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      2. Yes she has a great blog. She always has great information on Brazil I don’t normally hear about from the mainstream media.


  2. Another reblog?? I really feel special now.lol Thanks a lot TS. This issue is very serious. I’ve heard black people gush about their mixed babies way too often. They feel see prideful they have created something a little “less black”. This reeks of self hatred. It makes me sick to see how so many of our people are brainwashed to hate themselves. I don’t blame the babies. It’s not their fault at all. But the self hating parents are the ones at blame. Anti-blackness comes in many different forms.

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  3. You are very welcome!
    Today they declare this deep love for us and they want have all mixed kids with us, it seems that blacks have become a fashion, thinking that no more than 50 years ago for the blacks were forbidden to have contact with the whites!
    Racism is alive and well. Racists can and do have sexual relationships and make babies with a member of the race that she / he hates, because although race is frequently a barrier to marriage “race is not often an obstacle to sex.”
    The pathetic thing that many blacks have convinced themselves that white people can not be racist with black people,because they do kids with them!
    The irony of the story 100% of these mixed race babies will choose as partners a white!

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    1. Racists can and do have sexual relationships and make babies with a member of the race that she / he hates, because although race is frequently a barrier to marriage “race is not often an obstacle to sex.”

      THIS, THIS, and THIS!

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    2. Wait what? I agree that just because someone is with a black person doesn’t mean they can’t be racist. Your whole mixed babies will 100 percent choose white partners is not truth though. That is just digesting that you would say that.

      In fact it’s disgusting that people would look at all mixed children and automatically think that the white parent didn’t love the poc parent at all and just wanted to whiten the race. The notion is absurd as mixed children will end racism. Especially considering the fact that it isn’t a garantee that the children will be lighter or white. Do people think that pale skin is just a dominate gene or something? I don’t know where all of you in the comment section got your schooling at at all.

      All of you are trying to disprove a lie with other lies. How does that make sense at all?


      1. What’s love gotta do with it? (most of the time) Whether the white parent love the parent or color or not, the fact remains that interracial marriage, dating, sex, and procreation WILL NOT END racism white supremacy. That is the primary point made here.


  4. Tired Sita

    How did you take my response to the comments and not the article and be like what does love have to do with the article. Did you not even read the previous comments you were replying to? That is where love comes in. The comments and not the article I was talking about seeing as how one of the commenter saw all mixed babies and assumed that the white parent just wanted to make all babies lighter and assimilate PoC by mixing. When people do this it denies that true love may have been felt. I don’t doubt there are some truly racist people that go into a relationship with that in mind, but not all. Just what the fudge. You are speaking against PoC and their compitance to actually enter a relationship. And by you I am just again talking about the commenter if I have not made that clear.


    1. If you don’t like our comments you are free to leave, I don’t know who are you, if you are a black self-hatred person who likes white people, please go to the site for some white people!
      Not all blacks worship and love white people! Trying to live and to be born in a country like Brazil, where the difference of (pardo) and brown mixed race and (preto) black has no difference for white racist people!
      If the truth hurts, for racist white people don’t like people with dark skin! We are not talking about “love”, love is something different, declaring falsely that you love your child that looks more like a black and then promote the extinction of the black race!
      In Brazil, the black-skinned people are the lucky survivors of the murderous madness of insane racist white people that you love so much!

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