A Great Comment About Malcolm X


“Malcolm X was shot by a black person so he must have not been that influential in the black community unlike Martin Luther King who was shot by a white man!”

I was literally told this about a year or two ago. Malcolm X was a black man who never kissed up to black people just because they supported his words on white supremacy and black liberation. He never pretended black people were free of problematic and inclusive behavior. He never ignored intraracism, misogynoir, or his light-skinned privilege. And when he did display such sentiments, he ended up becoming more well-rounded later on. This was a man who spent time calling blacks out on their anti-blackness and colorism. This was someone who denounced his party in his last years, making many black people within it angry. If you think all black people have to “love” you to be influential and productive in the black community, you’re so naive.”Black Woman Blogger On Tumblr

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