A Black Woman Got An important Message For Non-Black Women

“It’s really telling how white girls (and non-black women) aren’t offended by the “Why white )non-blk) girls are better than black girls” comments. Like they’re insulting you too. They’re dehumanzing you too. I thought you all wanted female solidarity. But some of you are nowhere to be found when some black men or men period are placing you all above black women, even if they’re reducing you to dick warmers and doormats. I guess all of that solidarity talk goes out the window as long as you can stay”-Black Woman Blogger On Tumblr

2 thoughts on “A Black Woman Got An important Message For Non-Black Women

  1. Black women must learn that only among black women may have solidarity!
    There is also black racism among black women unfortunately, we have been conditional by white brainwashed and we started hate each other!
    I am a brown skinned woman and I don’t have a problem to have friendships with black skinned women but unfortunately I notice that some dark skinned women, they look me bad or don’t want to have any kind of contact with me! There is this sickness of shades color or obsessed of our skin color! I don’t trust so much light skinned black women or women who are biracial, because very often these women are racist! Many of us seek more solidarity with not black women!
    Look the Kardashian are white women that they exploit the beauty of black women, but about black women and their problems and they don’t give a damn!
    White women didn’t never considered sisters or friends black women, most of them are racist with us and they see us as a threat especially at the genetic level!
    No black women have already made clear their message “they aren’t our true friends!”, Are black women still don’t get the message!

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