“Africans sold their own people as slaves”


Repost: The comment section of the original post has grown too long and is still pretty active, so I am closing its comments and reposting here.

“Africans sold their own people as slaves” is a stock argument White Americans use when the subject of slavery comes up.

First, simply as an argument of fact it fails:

  • Africa was not a country. Africans were not selling “their own”, they were selling their enemies, just as the Greeks and Romans once did. Africa, then as now, was made up of different countries. They were no more selling “their own” than, say, “Europeans” were killing “their own” during the Holocaust.

And it overlooks a few other things:

  • Most African countries did not sell slaves and some even fought against it. But because Europeans back then could control the supply of guns there was little Africans could do to stop it.
  • The Transatlantic…

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6 thoughts on ““Africans sold their own people as slaves”

  1. someone I spoke to about this made another really good point that there really are no receipts that indicate that African countries profited from it to the same degree that European countries/USA did. Not to absolve shady ass African chiefs who put their pockets over their people, but if African nations were so heavily invested in the slave trade as a way to make money & sustain their individual country’s economy/infrastructure/social order the way White “colonialists” did, we would see the same economic benefits from it as we see in Europe/US but we don’t. That right there tells us that it was more of a one-sided, parasitic system.

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  2. Don’t forget white people also sold their own people as slaves! Look Irish,Scottish they were sold into slavery! The white American slave masters had both blacks and whites enslaved on their plantations! See Martin Luther K. had Irish blood, in fact, many African Americans have Irish blood!
    The Americans and British hated the Irish and Scottish, but these white racists didn’t write in their racist books because they want show the world to being a faithful and peaceful with their own race!

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      1. whites scream, because they want black people hate their motherland Africa!
        Africa originated everything, which is why the demons have tried to destroy our culture and they have stolen our origins! They always will fail because the faces of the first ancient civilizations were like us!

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