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When I discuss issues about the ills in the so-called Black Community, I have absolutely no intention of “generalizing” and “demonizing” and “putting all the blame” on black men and “absolving” black women and or white supremacist (the primary perpetrators) for their part in our MAAFA (great destruction). This is an accusation that was leveled at me by a black male reader and or lurker. He also said that I was being “divisive” And that I “hate” black men *eye roll* HAHAHA! Now I don’t understand how this brotha has come to this conclusion cause I make it very clear that I’m not talking about all men of African descent. When I say “self-hating negroes” I’m not addressing self-loving, self-respecting black men and women, I’m addressing self-hating negro men and women and I make no apologies about that. Anyone that reads my post and say that I’m “generalizing and demonizing” and “putting all the blame” on black men  as well as  being “divisive” or “hating” black men lack simple reading comprehension skills. Point. Blank. Period.

I OVERstand that racism white supremacy is at the root of all the ills of the American so-called Black Community and the entire African  Diaspora. Like Gus T. Renegade, host of the internet radio show C.O.W.S. (Context of White Supremacy), says “white people are the problem.”  It is (or should be) a well known fact to black people by now that WHITE PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE OR LOVE US. THEY TREAT US LIKE YESTERDAY’S DOG SHIT AND THEY’RE NOT GOING TO STOP IT. If you Overstand the nature of the Caucasoid you will know that their hostility and hatred toward us is to be expected but not excused. However, knowing these simple facts WILL NOT stop me from addressing how many black men AND black women contribute to our own MAAFA by the way many treat one another. MANY BLACK MEN AND WOMEN TREAT EACH OTHER LIKE WHITE PEOPLE TREAT US…..LIKE YESTERDAY’S DOG SHIT. When I address anti-black racism and or anti-blackness I will address it across the board whether it is coming from white people, non-black people of color, and other black people. I’m an equal opportunity critic when it comes to those who have any degree of anti-black thoughts and behaviors  towards black people, I’m calling out everybody, I’m leaving NOBODY OUT.   Again, I make no apologies.

Lastly, let me re-emphasize that both black men and women aid and albeit our own destruction. Black women ARE NOT innocent. Many black women just like many black men are self-hating, self-destructive, and self-defeating. Now I don’t get to blog as much as I would like to, but best believe I  have upcoming posts in waiting  about how many black women participate and perpetuate many ills (i.e. the gender wars) within the so-called black community. I have a lot to say about that. In addition, Imma be getting’ at white and non-black poc’s anti-blackness too. Oh yeah, I’m definitely WILL NOT be cutting them any slack.

So any one that comes here or send messages via email to accuse me of  “demonizing and generalizing” and “putting all the blame” on black men, being “divisive,” “hating” black men, and “absolving” white people, non-black poc, and black women’s part in our destruction need to have several seats……. and while you’re at it brush up on those reading comprehension skills. 

5 thoughts on “Some Thoughts For The Day

  1. I hear you but I must add that Black women have to understand how staunchly patriarchal the Black community is and has been for centuries. White supremacy and Black patriarchy are two separate demons that have to be handled. Patriarchy tells men that they are the final say on any and all things important which is part of the reason why Black men are so quick to label you (and the plethora of other women who speak out on these issues) as “divisive” and “bitter” because the belief is essentially that your thoughts are not relevant and are not rooted in logic but in silly emotions. Black women have been saying this over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over and over again and nothing changes, The same way Black people have been discussing White racism over and over and over and over again and nothing changes. You get the same exact pushback. The reality is that while Black/African people did have elements of matriarchy and Mother God worship, we also were some of the first patriarchs to subjugate women into a man’s personal property and male entitlement within our community has run amok for far too long. So, sister. Yes, we are all in this fight as Black melanated people but as Black women, we cannot afford to forget our own unique history. Black women have got to start doing more reading on Black women’s stories as a source of strength. When more of us do that, then the Black Mothers might have a fighting chance to get this back in some kind of order.

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    1. I agree with most of what you said, except for the origins of patriarchy, sexism, and misogyny. I’ve been studying the impact of patriarchy/sexism/misogyny within the so-called black community and the African diaspora for about a year now and its devastating affects. It’s really bad, a serious,serious problem. Black men (and women) have (via white supremacist/racist programming) adopted white men/people’s patriarchal beliefs and behaviors regarding gender roles and male/female relationships. Therefore, black men and women have been programmed to look to white men and women as the model for male/female relationships. Many black men have adopted white men’s negative and anti-woman attitudes due to white supremacist programming.

      Prior to European influence, black men did not take issue with black women having access to the same amount of power, their was equal access to legal and property rights and education, and there was equal pay for equal work. At that time, African societies were matriarchal and had high, high regard for the woman without disrespecting and disregarding the men.

      I will be discussing some of this in an upcoming post about the black community’s resistance, ignorance, and denial to discuss or do anything about misogynoir

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