The Bill Cosby Scandal: A Great Legacy Gone To Hell

Recent revelations that Bill Cosby admitted that he has brought drugs with the intention of using them to drug young women (unbeknownst to them) he wanted to have sex with is truly heartbreaking. This strengthens the stories of the 25+ women who publicly came forward with these horror stories and further diminishes his legacy (which is of his own doing). The family oriented, humanitarian, comedic race man is obviously not the man he has portrayed himself to be on and off air for over 50 years. This admission led to a future sitcom on NBC to be cancelled, former supporters becoming non-supporters (i.e. Jill Scott), a statue of him at Disney taken down, endorsement deals lost or cancelled amongst other things. smdh. Now will he just come out admit that he raped these women? He should. A great legacy gone to hell. Your thoughts?

15 thoughts on “The Bill Cosby Scandal: A Great Legacy Gone To Hell

  1. part of me believes he was coerced into make that admission…. but honestly I don’t know what to believe anymore. It seems like every generation we have to keep starting over only to end up repeating the same mistakes, WHEN WILL IT END!!!!!

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  2. A follower sent me this article in an email. I thought it was very good. He brings up some issues that need to be addressed. Here’s the post:

    “The ongoing saga surrounding Bill Cosby has created some interesting dialogue across America and the world; however, I will argue that the discussions and debates that should be sparked by this story are, for the most part, going unaddressed. While I believe that we need to discuss the veracity of the accusations that have been launched against Bill Cosby, and with the latest bit of information that has been released, there is definitely a dark shadow hovering over him; however, I believe a significant portion of the energy directed at this story will be better served engaging the enigmatic issues that are at the core of the story — rape, incest and molestation in the black community.

    It is extremely difficult to decipher the statistics that are presented on these issues due to specific biases; however, on any level, we are dealing with an epidemic, and it is causing devastating effects. Based on academic studies and experiential observation, I would argue that no group of females on the face of the earth has been the more victimized when it comes to incest, molestation and family rape than the black woman. This is not to marginalize the struggles of any other group, but those who know me understand that my focus is always on improving the condition of my people, before engaging the needs and struggles of any other group.

    Until we seriously engage the questions and challenges that are presented through the perpetuation of this type of behavior and the neglect in properly engaging these issues, we will continue to struggle as a collective group. Ignoring incest, rape and molestation, or marginalizing it does not eliminate or mitigate its nefarious impact on our culture. The massive gulf that exists between the black man and the black woman is, at least partially, the result of these unaddressed issues. Every time that a black female experiences this type of psychological, physical and emotional trauma, and it goes unaddressed, she becomes fractured and dysfunctional. She may be able to overcompensate in certain areas to develop an appearance of having it all together; however, a closer anatomization of her mental and emotional state will reveal that she has become her own worst enemy, and you will probably find a trail of failed relationships that have manifested the horrific results of what she once believed she had left behind her.

    There are black women who are struggling to maintain any semblance of a normal life, especially when it comes to maintaining a romantic relationship with a man. Her issues not only impact her ability to engage a serious and committed relationship in a healthy manner, but it also impacts her ability to effectively parent her children, which she will almost certainly have. To exacerbate the matter, one or more of her children may be the progeny of her abuser.
    This black woman will struggle to trust men, making any type of healthy relationship with a man virtually impossible. When the psychological and emotional dynamics associated with child molestation and incest are considered, it is no wonder why so many of our women are fighting just to stay afloat. First of all there is the element of introducing and child to sexual activity long before they are mature enough to handle the repercussions that are associated with it. There is a general consensus that having sex too early in life presents multitudinous dangers. Although there is a difference in opinion as far as what age constitutes too early, most would agree that the age at which most molestation within the family environment, incest, begins, is far too young for a child to appropriately process what is taking place. This is the first phase of trauma and devastation, but it is not the only thing that they will have to deal with. Another dynamic, which may be even more injurious than the damage caused by the early introduction to sexual activity, is the fact that the assault is being perpetrated by someone that the victim loves and trusts. In fact, the perpetrator is often the very one that should be protecting the child from such dangers. This betrayal of trust is highly pernicious and its destructive impact can literally damage a person for life.

    It is also important to understand that this type of trauma is not exclusive to black women. Young black boys are assaulted at an alarming rate, primarily by men — putting to bed a common myth that pedophilia is a white issue. The postulation that black men are not pedophiles is due to the fact that this type of behavior is often covered up in the family, and the perpetrator is often protected from prosecution, further placing children in the family at risk. Almost all of us have the uncle or cousin, or maybe father or brother that everyone in the family keeps their kids from. There is a reason for that.

    What is even more alarming is abused people who do not get treatment are likely to abuse others. While females will generally manifest their issues through verbal and physical abuse toward their children, young males are more likely to offend in the very same way that they were violated. The perversion of such a natural act can cause immeasurable damage.

    While this entire issue with Bill Cosby has brought out the ugly side of many people, I see it as an opportunity to properly engage these issues in an in-depth manner. Not only do we need to discuss these issues through open dialogue, but we need to develop a strategy to attack the issues in a manner that will produce efficacious results. We can’t simply sit around and talk about it, and finger pointing will get us nowhere. We need to create programs for victims of child molestation and incest within the black community. We must also be willing to provide the help that is needed by those who perpetrate these crimes — keeping in mind that they were once victims themselves.

    While the Bill Cosby Saga may be intriguing to some, and an opportunity to strike out for others, we should be focused on the bigger issue here — lifting, protecting and healing our women and young men who are the victims of these merciless crimes.”

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    1. @KP
      Great article! The brotha brought up an SERIOUS issue that needs to be addressed in the so-called black community. Many duck and dodge the issue like the plague, while it is destroying the lives of the victims. The so-called black community is going to have to face it rather sooner than later.

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  3. I hope that he will just admit it. So many times I hear that the perp gets off and the victim gets no justice because “rape is just so hard to prove.” Not so much in this case. We just need a better system all around, where victims [and potential victims] can discuss their feelings and trauma and not be so afraid.

    And we need to stop protecting the perps! What is so great about these fucked up men and women that we choose to protect them rather than our children? Why do we let them stay around knowing how detrimental their presence can be? I agree with the article Kushite posted, especially the last 2 paragraphs. If we don’t stop and address the root of it, the cycle will continue throughout generations.

    Awesome post!

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  4. @Kelley
    I agree. It saddens me when the perpetrators are allowed to get away with rape and the victims get blamed. This society is soooo sick and backwards!


  5. It’s hard for me to believe anything the media says anymore. This is the same media that always has negative images and things to say about black people. Black people are a constant target. Am I really supposed to believe that everything they are saying now about Cosby is 100% accurate? Why would he confess now after so many months after the first thing came out? Like nidotopianwarrior said, it seems he may have been coerced into admitting.

    If it is true, that is devastating that all of those things happened. And if Cosby is a victim of sexual abuse himself I hope he gets the help he needs.

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  6. @Kowaba

    95% I don’t believe what the media reports either. However, while some aspects of the controversy and what Cosby really did remains uncertain and unanswered. The fact remains that he admitted that he brought drugs with the intention of drugging women
    (without their knowledge) to have sex with and when a man does that, that RAPE.


  7. Bill Cosby is a humanitarian? Since when? The last I heard from him, he was busy talking down to young people with that “Pound Cake” foolishness. Now we are fairly certain that he is a dirty, stinking rapist. Man talking about he detects women’s consent by their body language. Who is he now? An FBI profiler? Wolverine from the X-men?

    But seriously, this man had a lot of enablers. One is a cultural and belief that as soon as a young (black) girl starts pushing out titties, she is fair game. Another is a belief that rape is just really semi-consensual rough sex, especially if she is wet, and doesn’t say no.

    Don’t forget

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  8. (cont’d) that all this happened on Hugh Hefner’s estate. Could it really be that no one else knew about this all this time?

    I don’t think so. I think that a lot of bad things are happening to black boys and girls that are shareware many countries that are being ignored, of low expectations for black children,and black women. Especially when it comes to simple things like basic respect and dignity.

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  9. @ satanforce

    I said humanitarian because he donated money to schools (esp his alma mater) and other causes (too many to name here). I agree with you 100% that he had enablers and it was said that some of this has indeed happened at the play boy mansion too. Hell yeah, his enablers knew. Hugh Hefner probably most likely knew.

    To be Continued…..


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