Couldn’t Help But Laugh At These…….

I found the human science project that is Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner sad, yet these memes made it kinda comical. I needed a good laugh after all the atrocities in the news as of late. ROFLMBAO! Can’t stop Laughing! So I provided the post for a quick laugh. Meanwhile, Please feel free to continue previous conversation on the blog.








59028029  62686022

62648894    la-pequena-north-todavia-lo-esta-asimilando62686037


62812159  62648732


545461     kris-jenner-dis0


12 thoughts on “Couldn’t Help But Laugh At These…….

  1. Yes these are pretty funny!lol I like the Simba meme! That’s a good one. And the Kanye West meme is funny too. I guess we could all use a good laugh right now. All this madness in the news is making us all lose our mind. Thanks TS.

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    1. Yeah, The ones about “Caitlyn” looking better than kris are my favs and the one where the jenner-kardashian babies asking “You said grandma caitlyn won the men’s decathlon in 1976? LOL!


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