The Erasure of the Original Black Woman and the Continuing Demise of the So-called Black Community From Within and Without

For the last month, my heart has been heavy laden at the recent events that have been taken place in the continuing effort to exterminate and erase the original people from the planet. Not only am I sad and  disgusted at these atrocious events but by some (too many) within the so-called Black Community’s responses to them. I’ve been really angry and it is not until now that I have been able to calm down and write about these atrocities and peoples’ responses to them. I’ve already briefly discussed the pool party incident in McKinney, Texas here and here. So I will move on with a brief discussion surrounding the blackface wearing racist psychopath by the name of Rachel Dolezal, sexually confused Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, and the Church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina in which another racist psychopath by the name of Dylan Roof claimed the lives of 9 Black People.

While the white race may be on the brink of death physically and genetically, the so-called Black Community has been dead, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally for the past 40+ years with ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNS OR INTENTION of resurrecting back into a living, thriving,unified, and successful community of self-loving, self-respecting people  (notice how I say so-called Black Community because the Black Collective is now operating on individualism and selfishness) . Now most of us know that the Black Collective beeeen a psychological cesspool or train wreak (which ever term you may prefer to use), but when I thought the so-called Black Community couldn’t get any dead(er) here comes the Rachel Dolezal  ( I’m not going to get into who she is or what she’s done cause most of you if not all have heard and read the story by now, if you don’t know google her). Many Black Women and Girls are soooo very, very disappointed in the so-called Black Community’s (especially the men) co-signing of this psychopath’s appropriation of Black Womanhood and the Black Woman’s Contribution to the struggle in the liberation of African peoples from Racism White Supremacy.  This is the worse betrayal of Black Woman Collective by the so-called Black Community that many of us has ever experience; we’ve been collectively thrown under the bus by our own “community” in exchange for a white woman, original black woman wannabe in blackface pretending to be a soldier in the struggle for liberation of African peoples. Black Women have expressed MUCH anger toward this creature on and offline. Here are some of the most stupid, vile, cruel anti-black woman hating responses by the Super Coons and Super Mammies caping for this psychopathic fraud:

  1. “If she wanna be black, she can be black.”
  2. “She has done more for black people than you black women ever did.” [Side note from TiredSista: Mind you, as of time this story first broke up until now,  nobody couldn’t tell us exactly what this fool has done for the so-called Black Community]
  3. “Black Women are “jealous” of White Women.” [Side note from TiredSista: Any constructive or well deserved criticism and or reprimanding of White Women by Black Women is called “jealousy”]
  4. You Black Bitches never done anything for the Black Community.” [Side note from TiredSista: These same self-hating Negro Super Coons and Super Mammies most likely NEVER did anything to improve the “community” themselves]
  5. If Bruce Jenner can become transgender, then Rachel can become “transracial.”[Side note From TiredSista: The two cannot be compared; Bruce’s transformation is a separate issue].
  6. Below is two comments by two prominent Super Coons Boyce Watkins and D.L. Hugley caping for Rachel .wefixignorantmemes: I ain’t touching or fixing this. This f*ckery deserves to be untouched and on Super Sain level 4 full blast. A long as we keep these men funded we are co-signing their ignorance. I am not surprised these men feel this way. Hughley is a known homophobe and misogynist against Black women here, here and here  that blames Black women for rain and Boyce Watkins, well is Boyce Watkins. DL Hughley’s tweets: Watkins’ Facebook post: Have you found an ignorant ass meme like this one? Well we repair racist, sexist, homophobic & other bigoted memes! Save a jackass & send their memes today! Like what we do? Support Bougie Black Girl and We Fix Ignorant memes at I hate D.L. Hughley

My Personal Prayer: Lord, God help us to survive these anti-black woman, self-hating Negro Coons and Mammies. Lord, I’m tired of ’em, Jesus.They’re just like their white supremacist massa and misses. Send them away to an island to themselves or with their white massas and misses away from us self-loving, self-actualizing black women, men, boys, and girls so they will no longer be able to spread their self-hating, self-loathing, misogynoiristic, colorist ways and poison no further amongst us or future Black Generations. They are a great detriment to us, themselves, and what may could be a resurrection and or restoration of a living and thriving Black Community and Black Family. *sarcasm*

I’m sure this will go prayer will go unanswered. I’m not into Christianity as an adult like I have been raised to be, lol. But lord knows we need some divine intervention…NOW!

Now let’s look at some responses from Black Women and Girls on how (too many) Black Men and even more sad (too) many Black Women have responded to this debacle:

1.) “The African-American collective’s mass reactions to several recent events have shown those of us who are self-actualizing African-American Black women (as I call us, Sojourners)  just how EXTREMELY compromised our collective position is these days.”

I’m referring to the large numbers of unprotected,disrespected African-American Black women (AABW) caping HARD in support of rich, White, Republican, Deadbeat Absentee Dad To His Older Set of Children, Allows His Underage Daughter Kylie To Be Exploited By A Pedophile Bruce Jenner’s latest cross-dressing stunt.

I’m referring to the Acting “Brand New”—I Never Knew Black People Would Be Treated Differently  reactions to the teenage Black girl in a bikini at a pool party who was attacked by an out of control cop in McKinney, Texas.

I’m referring to the large numbers of Mammy Mules and Negro Male Coons Caping HARD For WW Scam Artist Rachel Dolezal.

AA slaves are doing all of this in support of their own erasure. For any self-respecting AA person, these caping incidents have been grotesque spectacles.

As Sojourners, we’re looking at the terminal stage of self-hating, self-destructive cultural dysfunctions that were set in motion over a century ago; and that were allowed to fester by the AA misleadership class (past and present). We see this. Now what? It’ll take several blog posts to unpack all of this. This is the first of several posts about this topic”– Khadija, blogger of Muslim Bushido.

2.) Reader/Follower : “These are the same black men that scream “unity” when something bad goes down and they want black women to come to their defense…. Hmm.. No way! I say gtfoh with that!”

Blogger: Exactly!!! I was going to make a post stating just colorism and intraracism is still existing despite us fighting against racism. I’ve seen screen names where black men have “Blacklivesmatter” in them and still make anti-black woman comments towards black women. I don’t see how sistas will catch a bullet for these clowns.

The only time they view black women as valuable is if we’re out there marching for them to help them. Just like a good portion of them were defending Rachel Dolezal bashing black women in the process, then as soon as that shooting happened we’re suppose to come together and be mad at da white mane with them. We’re only needed for their self serving purposes- A Black Woman Tumblr Blogger to One of her Readers

3.) “In the midst of our community’s fight against white supremacy and racism, it’s painful to still so many colorist, intra-racist comments towards black women on social media from black men. A lot of black women who laugh and cosign believe it’ll give them some sort of special cookie. It’s a pretty pathetic sight to witness”.-A Black Woman Blogger on Tumblr

4.) Reader Follower: I’m worried about the younger generation of black girls self esteem The black male population has made it clear they want nothing to do with black girls/women in general. Literally putting EVERY woman that’s not black on a pedestal We gotta protect em

5.)  Reader/Follower: I can’t even picture myself in a relationship anymore…..but I force myself to keep hope, only because I want black babies. And then (because how I was raised) I feel bad for being OK with the thought of being a single mom, mainly because of statistics.. I need help😫. I mean I have time and someone may come along…but my thing is, I honestly do not care to get close to anyone. Too many hidden motives with black men….

Blogger: You’re not the only black woman. A lot of black women value blackness and the black culture. This is why our IR dating numbers are so low because we’re clinging do desperately to the black family dream. We prefer black men and black children. When we realize that the light at the end of the tunnel is fading, so we become fearful or we lose hope. It’s normal to feel this way, especially if you set out for something or out your all into something and it seems like a distant memory.

10151197_1007125402631983_5850642924679244221_n meme

So there you have it, black women and girls’ expressing how they feel very betrayed by the so-called Black Community’s (especially a significant number of men) hard caping for Rachel Dolezal which will only further deepen the divide between Black Men and Black Women. It’s bad enough the Original Black Woman is being erased from television, film, and as the natural love interest of the Original Black Man by White Supremacist Media and Hollyweird, but it’s especially disappointing and disparaging that the so-called Black Community is participating and going along with the erasure and destruction of its own women.

Dylan Roof
Dylan Roof
The 9 Charleston, SC Church Massacre Victims


As for the so-called Black Community’s response to the Charleston, SC Church Shooting some of us responded out of pure anger and rage with no intention of forgiving whereas some (too) many wanted to forgive Dylan (i.e., like Negro gospel musician Marcus Stanley) for the cold-hearted murders before the victims’ bodies were buried and cold in the ground. Check out gospel musicians Marcus Stanley’s ode of forgiveness to Dylan …..that is if you can stomach it. Black people have been praying and forgiving white people for hundreds of years for their wrongdoing and it hasn’t changed a gotdamn thing in the way white people treat us. In the case of white supremacy (racism)/terrorism, forgiveness IS NOT a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness and a refusal to actively resist racism (white supremacy). We don’t see white people forgiving Black people if they are harmed or killed by a Black person…..NEVER! Dr. Welsing talks about Black People’s perpetual pattern of forgiveness to white people as a form of our mental illness via white supremacy programming here, here, and here. WHITE PEOPLE WILL NOT STOP RACISM (WHITE SUPREMACY) NO MATTER HOW MUCH SOME OF US FORGIVE THEM and BLACK PEOPLE FORGIVING WHITE PEOPLE WILL NOT LIBERATE BLACK PEOPLE FROM RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY.

From Bruce to
                                                                                            From Bruce to “Caitlyn”

Last but not least, Bruce”Caitlyn” Jenner’s transformation from a man to a woman has garnered support from the dead black community, especially from too many  Black Women with the super mammy mentality. These women will run and support anyone, black men (as they should), gays, lesbians, transgender, and others except other Black Women and Girls. These mammies have internalized the sexism and anti-black misogyny ( misogynoir) directed at Black Women and Girls.( I will talk about anti-black racio- misogyny in an upcoming post; Khadija, blogger of Muslim Bushido mentioned this in the above quote of hers). Complete and utter MADNESS!!!

The so-called Black Community is going to go the way of the white race if the Black Collective doesn’t get itself together before it’s too late. I don’t see this happening because the Black Collective is sooo fiercely determined to love and get love from the white collective instead of learning to love themselves and each other. I and sooo many Black Women and Girls have watched in sadness and utter disgusts as the so-called Black Community willingly and publicly participated in the total erasure and obliteration of the Original Black Woman. This speaks to the subconscious hatred that many so-called black men and the so- called Black Community has for Black Women and Girls (I will discuss this in another post).  On the other hand, we continuously watch time and time again as some of us forgive white people for practicing racism white supremacy. This speaks volumes to how many of us still are afraid to man and woman up to actively resist racism white supremacy and terrorism.

In light of these incidents, I came to the conclusion that its a wrap for the so-called Black Community. The vast majority of the “community” IS DEAD, deader than the Dead Sea Scrolls and has NO SIGN and NO INTENTION of resurrecting back into a living, thriving, unified, and successful community with self-loving, self-respecting people despite the fact that we are in the midst of a WAR. In addition,  I have a waning desire to help the black collective because there’s just no hope cause many have already decided what their fate is gonna be which is to stay ignorant and asleep.We are being destroyed within and without.  I’ve decided to help and align myself with ONLY those self-loving, self-respecting, and self-actualizing Black Men and Women who sincerely want total liberation from racism white supremacy/terrorism. I guess we are the ones that will be re-building the Black Community from scratch. I’m sooo fucking tired!!!

29 thoughts on “The Erasure of the Original Black Woman and the Continuing Demise of the So-called Black Community From Within and Without

    1. @nidotopianwarrior

      *some digital Kleenex and a hug*

      I know, I know bruh. The sad state of affairs within the black collective will make any of us grown folks want to “go in the bushes and weep.”


  1. Bravo! Bravo! Great post TS! You really made some great points. What you said was sad but true. We can’t deny the reality that many of our people are brain DEAD! I know it’s hard pill to swallow.
    First I want to say that DL Hughley is a sellout shucking and jiving COON. I knew he was a sellout bitch when he sided with that racist Don Imus. Remember when Imus called that basketball team “nappy-headed whores”? Well DL thought it was funny and agreed with that white bitch! I was done with him after that. I was really disappointed with Dr Watkins though. I have agreed with him on many issues. He is always talking about black pride,black economics and black empowerment. That’s why I was surprised at his comments. I know DL is a stupid ass comedian so I didn’t expect much from that clown. But Watkins really let me down with those stupid comments. He really needs to check himself.
    Thanks for putting up those other comments from the brain dead clowns. These people are totally useless in the struggle. I love my people but some of them are just too FAR gone. We can’t save everybody,as much as we would like to. I even got in an argument with a black woman at my job. She was defending Rachel. Telling me “She was doing a pretty good job. Let her do her thing,” My jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I almost cursed this woman out! I told her she was crazy. I told her that woman is an imitation black woman. Have you NO self respect? Where is your dignity?
    I am SICK to death of these self-hating tap dancing COONS! I understand your frustration TS. The older I get I start to lose my patience with these fools. But I’m with you 100%. This is a battle between the conscious and the “sleepers”. Those that are awake have to keep pushing and not lose faith. This is a battle for the minds of our people. It’s a hard struggle but I believe we can win. Otherwise I would’ve given up a long time ago. Thank you for this heartfelt post. I appreciate you for putting out this information. I shared it on Twitter. You are a great service to our people. Thank you and much love. ❤

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    1. @KP

      Yeah, the state of the black collective is a very very hard pill to swallow, but we have to face reality. I beeen DONE and OVER DL after he made the “nappy headed ho” comments. He is a useless self-hating, misogynistic, colorist clown. As for Dr. Watkins, I have been weary of him for awhile now. I was not pleased at the comments he made about the Ray Rice situation. IMO, he congratulated Janay Rice for taking the punch; insinuating that her silence made her more of a Queen. Some black men have a twisted logic that black woman stays silent taking abuse from a black man=a good black woman or a true black queen. His comments about Rachel was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He’s officially made it to the coon list.

      “We can’t save everybody, as much as we would like to. I even got in an argument with a black woman at my job. She was defending Rachel. Telling me “She was doing a pretty good job. Let her do her thing,” My jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I almost cursed this woman out! I told her she was crazy. I told her that woman is an imitation black woman. Have you NO self respect? Where is your dignity?”

      “She doing a pretty good job, Let her do her thing, huh?! Like a good job appropriating black womanhood? ” Yeah, your co-worker is pretty much done, mentally. Absolutely no self-love, dignity, or respect. This is sad and pathetic coming from a black woman. Girl pretty much gone bye, bye!

      “The older I get I start to lose my patience with these fools. But I’m with you 100%. This is a battle between the conscious and the “sleepers”. Those that are awake have to keep pushing and not lose faith. This is a battle for the minds of our people. It’s a hard struggle but I believe we can win”

      You don’t have to be old or getting old to loose your patience with Super Coons and Super Mammies, lol. They will make you tired pretty quick dealing with them long enough. Time is running out, we don’t have time trying to awake the dead. Let the dead bury the dead. The awake will have to move forward and WE will be the victors.

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      1. Thanks TS. I feel what you’re saying. It’s a struggle but we will be the victors in the end. Thank you for this great and informative post! To hell with these COONS!!!

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    1. @KP

      Yeah, this is another Rachel Dolezal, except Shailene appropriated Black Womanhood just to to a lesser degree. I see some people want to claim her as well. *sigh* What’s up with people wanting to claim white women as the “new black women” but many get all up in arms ONLY when a white man appropriate black manhood. See the hypocrisy, see the disturbing pattern here. This speaks to how people REALLY want to erase Black Women. We might as well claim Macklemore, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and the other white boys, too.

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      1. That is so true! We might as well claim all these white folks! Some of these black men want to erase the image of the black woman. That’s why I think they embrace these mixed breed women so much. I’m not dissing the light skinned sistas at all. I love all my sistas. But these biracial/mixed women have taken a lot of the shine. Now they want to claim these white people that are 1/8 black??? They are totally insane! A lot of these braineashed self-hating black men make me sick! In my opinion,they are NOT real black men. They are sellout punks! And they need to be exposed. Any black person defending Rachel is a coon! They are the worse of the worse. And I agree that many can’t be save. Just let them go! We got work to do. We can’t waste time on these white ass-kissers. They will only hold us back in the long run.

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    Realest. Shit. Ever.
    I appreciate you, sis. Stay up!

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  3. Surprising as it accuses black women don’t have never contributed anything to the black community!
    I like how they put the pedal the white women, celebrating as savior of the black communities!
    In practice, when these black men they’ve never tried the terror of their skins, like being burned alive and hanged on a tree because these black men don’t know how they felt their ancestors!
    These black men lack of experiences!White women were demons, they with their false innocence accused of rape crimes black men!How can black men to worship white devil women when they have egged white men to kill them?
    They celebrate the white woman as a “goddess” because of their skin!They forgot how the black Egyptian Queens like Hatshepsut and Nitorcris were ruling Dynasties and armies of men in Egypt, white women were over in the caves of Europe eating raw meat and beating each other over the head with clubs. They want to love white cave bitch rather than a black queen!
    Black women don’t have never contributed anything in history really?
    It was the black woman that taught white women how to cook and season their food. It was the black woman that taught them how to raise their children. It was black women who were breast feeding and raising their babies during slavery.
    It is the black woman that had to endure watching their fathers, husbands, and children beaten, killed, and thrown in jail. Black women were born with two strikes against them: being black and being a woman. And, through all this, Still They Rise!
    It is because of the black women’s strength; elegance, power, love and beauty because they are envied for it! Black women are spirit strong, loving and nurturing souls, their integrity, their ability to overcome great obstacles, their willingness to stand for what they believe in, and their determination to succeed and reach their highest potential while enduring great pain and suffering for it!
    White women can play the role of false black women, black mothers, black beauty, they can be only be white cave bitches because they will never have our spirit and our essence! Being a black woman is not a shame or an insult, we are not a transient fashion, we are the daughters of Africa!

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    1. And some black women don’t lust after white males! Please, that is also no more evident than in Hollyweird where there are almost JUST AS MANY black women married to white males as black men married to white women. So let’s stop acting like black women don’t worship at the feet of white males too. Especially when you have fools like Angela McGlowan and Karen Cooper spewing their poison.

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      1. @ Lavern
        Again I’m aware by ALL the Blacks (MEN and WOMEN) who are married to whites in Hollywierd. IR marriages are commonplace there, but this was NOT what this particular post was about.


  4. @ lewislay19892015

    I agree! They are trying haaard to erase the original black woman, but we gotta know this shit won’t work. The first HUMAN and WOMAN on the planet was a Black Woman named Lucy. If it wasn’t for the Original Black Woman, NOBODY WOULD BE ALIVE!….AND THAT’S A FACT!


    1. I can not support intermarriage between white and black people! Because some black people don’t understand white people don’t love us! if you love someone of a different race doesn’t go to insult him or her with racist words or kill the people he or she belongs! When I tell to them my opinion about this,
      I have noticed those who are most angry easily and bothered are whites and no the blacks!
      They call me racist just because I don’t like their relationship!Because they know they have a guilty conscience but they don’t want to see reality as it is!


  5. @KP

    I agree. Many Black Women are TIRED of the constant public humiliation, demonization and degradation on and offline of “men” and “boys” who are supposed to be our sons and allies while at the same time in the midst of a WAR to end racism white supremacy. What “real” man mocks and ridicule the women who look like the woman who gave birth to him for the whole world to see? These “men” are making Black Men look terrible in the eyes of the entire world. Who needs the KKK when you have these coons? What makes it even worse is that 1) some “black women” participate in the degradation to “get a cookie” from these self-hating Negro coon males and 2) the so-called black community sit back and say and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this relentless attack on the black woman. I will be discussing this sad situation that black women and girls are subjected to in an upcoming post (I don’t know when, but soon).

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    1. Ok well if that’s the case then why aren’t you all more diligent in attacking white males too? Like the ones who were relentless in attacking Whitney while having white women on their show who were ALSO crackheads! Or the white male police officers that beat, rape and abuse black women or the continued Hollyweird propaganda of mammies and jezebels. or some arrogant, two-faced asswipe like Dr. Drew harping on Bobbi Christina just so he can portray yet again the black male boogeyman. Or the silence from black women when Stacy Dash claimed that her white ex-husband was physically abusive. Or the white male that hired a hit man to kill his black daughter-in-law because he was pissed that his son ruined their ‘Scottish heritage’ by marrying outside the race. Where’s the outcry for that?

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      1. @ Lavern
        Some of the things that you are speaking of I did not address in this post because I will be addressing them in upcoming post just give me time. This post was a quick run through of the events in which I spoke of and I KNOW that I did not address everything that I wanted too. It’s sooo much to address. I’m NOT SLEEP.


  6. Excellent post! I completely agree with what you said in it.

    The world is going absolutely insane. A white woman is claiming that she is Black. As you mentioned in your post, many black people are defending that foolish, insane woman. The kicker for me is when she said on a Today interview that she is more black than white – which is a complete lie. She married that black male in the past so she could continue on her charade of being a Black female and produce a ‘black’ child.

    That one drop rule has got to go. I believe it gives Black people an excuse to go outside their race and than still claim their child is Black – which of course is untrue because you need a black male and black female to create a black child. The whole thing creates more chaos and confusion for everyone involved and screws over full black people because they lose leadership and job opportunities. I’ll even go so far as state that President Obama is not Black. He has a father from Kenya, but doesn’t have a Black mother. That is where the discussion needs to end no more of this crap – black people come in all shades, some of us have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have heard a number of black people tell me that nonsense. (No surprise that Rachel Dolezal comes in not even being black and people are accepting that madness.)

    Another thing related to the church shooting, one of the victims was the State senator. Now we all know that if this was a white person we would be hearing non stop about his death and his contributions as a State senator. No respect for black people in this world – doesn’t matter what we accomplish.

    As for Bruce Jenner, he is a male and will always be a male. It doesn’t matter if he gets surgery, hormone therapy etc. he is still a male. People are ignoring the facts intentionally. There seems to be too much investment on how everyone is feeling and not on the facts.

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  7. @kowaba

    Yes! It looks like some black folks are now seeing how this one drop rule is coming back to bite us in the ass real bad. I expect more white women trying to jump on the “I’m a Black Woman” train. I see it getting worse. *sigh*

    “People are ignoring the facts intentionally. There seems to be too much investment on how everyone is feeling and not on the facts.”

    I agree. People don’t care about what’s wrong and what’s right no more just what feels good at the moment.


  8. Lets be fair here some black women like Melissa Harris Perry are also defending this heffa and as for Dumbass Hugemouth he does not speak for all black males. You all complain about black males being divisive when you are doing the same thing! And another thing why not attack the stupid white fools singing this c**t’s praises. Or that moron to end all morons and assclown Perez Hilton acting like we should be ‘grateful’ that a white woman would even stoop so low as to pretend to be black or idiot resident house n##ger for that prick Dr. Drew, Rolonda Watts who also was protecting sweet little Rachel. Stupidity in the black community cuts BOTH ways people!

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  9. @ Lavern
    You did not read the post carefully! You have wrongfully accused me of just calling out the men. I have said that both men and women in the “community” were cooning and mammying for this fool and others. Again as I have stated to you above, I did not cover ALL the coons and mammies that defended Rachel’s sorry ass. I was aware of Melissa, but not Rolanda (I briefly forgot about Melissa, but she was one of those mammies). This was a quick run down of my opinion on the events. If I could have covered all of it in this post, it would be very long as I tend to be a very detailed writer. However, thanks for letting me know who more of them were so that I can include them in one of my upcoming post about how too many Black Women help in their own erasure and demise. As for the white people who have defended Rachel I WAS NOT surprised at them cause white people go along with each other in their wrongdoings so what they were saying and doing IS TO BE EXPECTED. It hurts more that the so-called black community co-signed this creature’s appropriation of black womanhood because our “community” is supposed to be protecting black womanhood at all costs.


    1. I saw that today too. Rowling made the mistake of saying she was team Serena. In a system of WS you never root for the black person. But at least she did stick to her guns and defended Serena.

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  10. Serena and her sister ARE ALWAYS subjected to racist and misogynoiristic abuse and ridicule. People are very jealous of Black Women’s curves. Black Women ARE BUILT LIKE REAL WOMEN. I read about a study somewhere that Black Women have higher estrogen levels than other women. Not surprised. So who’s closer to being a man-like? Not Black Women, we’re the standard of womanhood. Now that blows that ignorant, racist, and misogynoiristic ideology out of the water.


  11. I wrote an article / vent piece on the black girl or black women, whichever it’s called, area of reddit about 3 weeks ago about BLACK female characters being replaced with bi/tri/quad racial actresses in Hollywood films. When I first discovered Clutch magazine’s website (apparently a Black women’s magazine) their articles gushing and gushing over this multiracial chick or that multiracial chick caused me to post a comment politely saying basically “look, we’re being replaced. This is bad.” But each time I posted – and I posted againover and over, writing from scrath, making it shorter, etc – they’d DELETE MY POST ON CLUTCH because they didn’t agree with my observations and mild warning about what the media is up to with this. I’m glad another Black woman finally noticed what I noticed years ago! Great article and observation!

    I’m going to paste my post from reddit here. I wrote andposted it May 2nd 2016. I usually write WAY better than this but when I wrote this I was disappointed and annoyed so forgive me.

    So, Marvel casting screws up Storm AGAIN. I just found out there’s going to be a Storm movie and I was thinking “Please not Halle Berry please not Halle Berry” and they didn’t choose Halle Berry but they chose someone just like her. Ugh! How hard is it to let Black women play Black women roles? Storm is an effing BLACK AFRICAN for God’s sake. You can’t get any Blacker than BLACK AFRICAN. And though Storm is very beautiful she is what Black people call “dark”, usually with negative intent. The role of Marvel’s Storm is specifically a role for a dark-skinned actress. Or any regular-Black actress. But Hollywood whitewashing has infected good old Marvel as well. It’s sickening. In no other ethnicity do you see full-blooded males and half-or-quarter females, portrayed as “the people of X race”. Like any time you see a Japanese male on your American screen he’s a normal Japanese male but any time you see a Japanese female on your American screen she’s almost 6 feet tall with naturally blue eyes or some crap. it’s just Black people, specifically Black women, that are being replaced with obvious hybrids. They could have had one of those dudes from B5 (or any guy who looks like that I mean) play Marvel’s Black Panther but they didn’t do that, that role went to a regular Black man. But any time you see a Black woman on TV it’s a Halle Berry type or for a better example, that frizzy-haired woman with the big eyes from Girlfriends or Lisa Bonet as opposed to Lisa from Saved by the Bell or the main chick on (now-lame series) Sleepy Hollow. It’s wrong and it needs to stop but Black people don’t complain/no one cares if we complain and white people don’t care/think it’s funny, so it will probably never change. If women like this can’t play Jean Grey or Black Canary or whoever else that’s their problem. They shouldn’t be given all the plain ol’ Black roles just because they don’t look like their mom enough to get hired to play a white, Asian or Hispanic character. But this is a forum so… what are your thoughts on this casting?

    That was my post,no one replied through I left a couple of “And…!”comments on it myself. Kudos to the forum for not pulling a Clutch and immediately deleting my post though, I fully expected it to be deleted or for me to be flamed. I had just found out about the movie but here’s an article from a year ago discussing the casting – notice that OP says someone brought it up in the original casting thread and it was “downvoted to oblivion”: Just found out that Hollywood picked Rhianna to play a very dark skinned, quite wide nosed, very short “nappy” textured black woman from the civil rights era. Ugh. I thought Hollywood did it but someone on YouTube said the director of the movie is a Black man from BET, so…apparently the only thing black women like us, who care, can do is get into the business andmakeour own stuff using regular Black women. Either that or promote those Vanessa Williams-looking “black” men. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…


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