Black Women and Girls, Black Men and Boys, and Police Brutality in Amerikkka

Some of the many Black People murdered by police/citizens in the last 15 years.

As we have welcome in the new year, police brutality and the Black Community continues to be a part of national discourse. Police brutality has always been a problem for the Black Community , but 2014 seemed to be the year of increasing incidents of police brutality. Whites, whether they be police or regular citizens have gotten away with the murders of Black People for hundreds of years with absolutely no repercussions whatsoever. It is just as Amerikkkan as apple pie ( I present a few examples of murdered Black Peoples stories because the amount of Black People murdered by whites is too many to name here). We are just now getting news that there will be no federal indictment in the shooting death of Micheal Brown by police officer Darrin Wilson. Meanwhile Kendrick Johnson’s family continues to seek justice for the his gym mat death by filing a $100 million dollar lawsuit  and calling for “Kendrick’s Law” which will make it mandatory requirement for all American coroners to be medically-trained professionals.

The deaths of Micheal Brown and Eric Garner was the catalyst for national and (international) marches and  protests demanding that cops who kill unarmed Black Men/Boys to be held accountable. Black Women and Girls are often left out of the conversations surrounding the Black Community and police brutality as if the only Black People are Black Men. This makes it appear as if Blackness and Black issues are ONLY centered around Black Men. Both Black People and non-Black People are guilty of this. Black Women have to remind everyone that our lives matter too. This is SAD.

I’ve noticed around the time Reneisha McBride’s murderer was being sentenced the news of the Micheal Brown shooting made national headlines and Reneisha’s story immediately disappeared from the news (and seemingly public memory). Then there is the story of Tenisha Anderson, last year the 37-year-old mentally ill Black Woman of Cleveland, Ohio was slammed to the ground by police resulting in her death. Her story barely made the news and a lot of people don’t even know her story or don’t pay it too much attention. In addition, Al Charlatan, I mean Sharpton, organized marches and protests for Mike Brown and Eric Garner and other Black Men and Boys, but RARELY IF NEVER marches and protests for Black Women and Girls. He’s not the only one. Now I’m not saying NO Black people on an individual level do not  care and try to protect Black Women/Girls, but the Black community collectively march, protest, and seek justice for murdered Black men and Boys at the hands of whites more so than they do for Black Women and Girls. THIS MUST STOP! We can’t continue to ignore how Black Women and Girls are NOT exempt from white violence in any form while expecting Black Women and Girls to march and protest while it’s rarely done for Black Women and Girls.

Black Women are always on the front lines marching and protesting when Black Men and Boys are murdered like dogs by whites, so the same should be done for Black Women and Girls. This called is reciprocity. We need to march for, protests for, and REMEMBER ALL Black People  murdered by whites. We need to show the same level of concern for the lives of ALL Black People. Cause if we don’t, who else will? #ALLBLACKLIVESMATTER

11 thoughts on “Black Women and Girls, Black Men and Boys, and Police Brutality in Amerikkka

  1. you are so right Sistah, we only focus on the John Crawfords, the Trayvon Martin’s, Eric Garner and Michael Brown, but we don’t give the same kind of attention to our sisters and I don’t think that people willfully ignore the plight of black women and girls but the reality remains we just don’t here about it as much, we are not aware of it and to be honest it is sad. I live in the Caribbean and when Trayvon, Eric and Michael were killed we all heard about it, we never heard of the likes of Reneisha McBride, I for one didn’t know about her until I read one of Kushite Prince’s posts a few months back. We need to raise awareness in our community for our sisters too because they matter too..


    1. Hey sista, very good post about disparities between our protests for Black men and women.

      My question is, I wonder what will happen when both Black men and women, collectively, realize that we’ll never be able to peacefully co-exist with whites? What will we do then?

      And will we do, whatever we need to do, before it’s too late?

      Write on Sistah!


      1. @ MontuHURU
        Then the Black collective will be forced to see realize these very simple facts that 1. White People REALLY do not love us, they never could, and never will, 2. If we are going to survive the tyranny that is racism white supremacy, then we have to unify, stop fighting among our selves, and start healing our psyches, start rebuilding the the black family and nation and last but not least 3. If we don’t we will simply perish.

        Will it happen before it’s too late bro, I hope so with the help of divine intervention.

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    2. @nidotopianwarrior
      Exactly. Black people have to become equally concerned about the plight of both Black Men and Women. Some Black people, especially Black Women say this is because the Black Community is socialized to believe that Black Men have it “harder” than Black Women. That’s not true. We both have it hard. We have to become mindful about how Black Women/Girls are largely ignored when discussing this topic and began to change that.


  2. here’s a blogwarming present for you sistah

    I hope it speaks to your heart, and maybe it could be the theme song for your blog


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